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A giant star larger than the sun exploded in space

  • Star was first seen in the year 2016

  • The largest solar explosion ever seen

  • Hundred times larger than the Sun in size

  • Severe solar storm is spreading everywhere


New Delhi: A giant star larger than sun exploded far away. We could not feel it,

but astronomers have seen it happening.

The name of this giant star was SN 2016 APS. It ended by exploding at a distance

of about 3.6 billion light years from Earth. It is evident that this explosion that

occurred at such a distance must have already happened, the glimpse of which has

now been captured in the earth’s instruments. Scientists also believe that if such

an explosion had happened close to the Earth, the entire Earth would have been

destroyed and other planetary systems around the Sun would have fallen into it.

Nevertheless, scientists believe that the effect of the energy generated by this

explosion will come, it remains to be seen. At present, after the explosion in this

area, solar particles are spreading everywhere. A situation like solar storm has

also occurred and the effect of this typhoon is seen spreading.

As its name suggests, this star was discovered in the year 2016. It was first seen

by an astronomy telescope on the Hawaiian Islands. For this, after getting the

information from the scientific team, NASA’s Hubble Telescope also started

monitoring it. The explosion was already being foreseen because the light there is

constantly increasing. This happens only when a star changes its structure and

leaves the energy contained inside it. All its parts are transformed into gas and

spread to all four chars in space. It is being monitored for two consecutive years.

A giant star released huge energy in all side

Regarding the light emanating from there, scientists believe that this light is

created due to the collision of the star and the gas around it. After this explosion,

its light is spreading rapidly like a solar storm. Matt Nicholl, the scientist

associated with this entire research, says this is the biggest explosion ever.

According to him, it may have caused huge explosions in space, but this is the

biggest in terms of being captured in scientific instruments. Nicole is a professor

at the School of Physics at the University of Birmingham. He was associated with

this research from the very beginning. He said that generally this type of

explosion in space has less one percent radiation but this is the first time when

radiation is being considered five times more. It can also be estimated from how

huge this explosion is.

If the size is so big then the effect will be big

Astronomers have also told about this star that in size it is probably one hundred

times bigger than its sun. This is why so much energy is being released from its

burst. This explosion is mainly a chemical reaction of hydrogen. But due to the

explosion, other gases also spread far and wide in space due to the intense heat.

A dissertation about this explosion has been published on 13 April. In which

detailed information is given about the whole process and possibilities. The co-

author of this dissertation is Edo Berger. He is a professor in the Department of

Astronomy of Harvard University. NASA’s web room telescope is being used for

this. NASA’s James Webb Telescope is currently being added. Which is planned

to be sent to space soon. Currently most of NASA‘s space programs have been

discontinued due to corona infection. But now after the information about the

location and volume of this explosion is recorded, it is certain that after the James

Webb Telescope is installed in space, it will also get more information through it.

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