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The invisible enemy is giving the feeling like World War

  • War of Corona will also be recorded in the course of history

  • Many equations of the world will change, that is certain

  • This round will change the syllabus of many subjects

  • Every world war changes the equations of the world

Rajat Kumar Gupta

Ranchi: The invisible enemy who imprisons the entire world in homes will also

form a new chapter in our course of study in the near future. By the way, it has

been decided that after the end of this corona episode, the face of the world will

also change and new equations will be created at the diplomatic level as well. In

this context, it can also be assumed that not only history but also in the courses of

political science and commerce, it will be recorded as an important change. We

are going to see a new chapter in school and college studies in future.

If we look at the developments so far, all the equations that were in the world till

December 2019 have suddenly changed completely in these four months. The

disease, which started in Wuhan city of China, has now spread to other countries

of the world. In such a situation, Japan’s order to its companies that they should

immediately close down their business from China is an unprecedented economic

decision which was not even imagined before. But after the completion of this

work, the new equations that would be created inside and outside China were not

even imagined before.

In terms of scientific research, the claim of the scientists to reach beyond the

moon and reach closer to the sun has also been erased due to this invisible enemy

prevailing all over the world. Most of the work of NASA, the largest space

research institute, is closed. In such a situation, the treatment of Corona will also

get a separate place in the future of science.

The invisible enemy is going to change many things

In the same way, in the history, treatment of plague and tuberculosis was also

given first place. Even the invention of antibiotics was considered important for

the whole world. But important from all this is the course of history. In this, the

students progressively study and know the gradual evolution from wild animal to

human being. It also contains the causes and consequences of the earlier World

War II. There is a reference time especially with the rise and fall of Nazi during

the Second World War, the dropping of atomic bombs in Japan is also recorded in

history. Know that due to this world war, the equations of the whole world had

changed. Because of this, now in this third type of world war, the party is

invisible enemy ie virus. But even after this, there is a grouping of nations in the

world. Obviously, after the end of this war, what kind of new chapters will be

there, it is not possible to assess them. For the whole world, it will be a lesson of

its kind, it has definitely been decided.

Further, when we talk about the history of

Jharkhand, what are the steps taken by

the present government before the Center in

the ongoing struggle against Corona along with the history of Jharkhand

movement and the campaign to eradicate polio and what are the benefits of these

tough decisions. These will also be marked in the history of earth.

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