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Jharkhand government is spying for China Unknowingly !

  • China-made drones are under surveillance

  • Technical devices send information to China

  • Dispute with America due to this espionage

  • Indian standards drones are used all over the country


Ranchi: Jharkhand government may not be aware of the secret app of china. This

was the main reason for which the trade war between china and USA started.Most

of the drones that are being used in Jharkhand inadvertently and under quick

arrangements are made in China. Actually, they were not prepared for the work

they are being used for. Most such drones are designed only for taking photos or

videos from the camera. One aspect of information technology is directly

connected with Chinese companies through their use in a hurry. It is noteworthy

that the trade war that started between China and America was due to spying of a

company. After this case was caught, it was also revealed that many mobile-made

apps and other communication devices made in China keep sending information

other than the customer. Now even in Jharkhand, experts do not rule out this

danger due to the use of drones made in China under various types of

surveillance. As such, there are many technical differences between drones made

just for photography and those made for the work of specific security agencies.

This difference based on information technology needs to be understood in this

era, while China’s unannounced trade war with India is also taking place. Due to

this trade war, the Government of India has had to amend its foreign capital

investment rules in a hurry.

Jharkhand Government may not be aware of these

Experts of this method believe that only drones that meet Indian standards should

be used in such a critical situation. Police and government of many states are

following these standards fully. It has also got good results. Facilities like alerting

people to the mike, monitoring the crowd gathered on rooftops and spraying

medicine are already available in these Indian drones of Covid 19. Even before

Corona was not attacked, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation had planned to

spray malaria from such drones in areas where it is not possible for the man to

reach. Drones made on Indian standards have now also been added to measure the

body temperature of people near Covid 19 so that a possible corona patient can be

detected without going too close.

Apart from this, according to experts, the drone service is to be operated

according to DGCA standards for the use of drones in this type of work in India.

Currently, drones made in China are being used in Jharkhand, they do not meet

this criteria. Also, the equipment engaged in such drones are sending silently to

which company of China, it has not been tested. Apart from Garuda, ninja drones

of Idea Forge are also being used in other major cities of India. After the outbreak

of Corona epidemic, both these companies have added necessary resources

keeping in mind the needs of the country.

Special arrangement for use of corona in drones developed in India

Therefore, along with the announcement from Mike, where there is a direct

message to the gathered people, the work of sanitization and recording the body

temperature of the people can be done simultaneously. On the other hand, the cost

of operating them is also less than campaigning with so many vehicles and

putting in human resources. Also, it only transmits information about every

activity of the transition area from the height to the control room. Apart from this,

there is also no danger of secretly reaching all the figures to a foreign company.

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