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Lama has natural antibody to prevent Covid 19 virus

  • Search in animals for prevention drug continues

  • Short height Camel species showed new path

  • Will only be used on humans after trial

  • Disables the virus inside itself


New Delhi: Lama is an animal of camel species. It has shown us a new way to

find a cure against corona virus. The global epidemic prevention effort is going

on all over the world. Scientists from all over the world are trying to find a way to

get rid of this Covid 19 virus. In the midst of all these efforts, it is believed that

another camel species animal Lama already has resistance to it. The research team

at the University of Texas at Austin has produced a report on this. In it the Lama

has been analyzed in detail the internal qualities of the animal. The Lama from

which its deterrent is discovered, its pet name is Winter. In addition to scientists

from the University of Texas, the National Institute of Health and University of

Ghent (Belgium) are also involved in this research.

The report of the research team is still being evaluated. But in this, the thing is found to be resistant to this semi-precious creature.

Researchers have found that when two resistance cells taken from this Lama’s body produce such antibodies, the corona sticks to the protein shell on the outer covering of the virus.

It was already known that the protein which acts as the shield of this virus is the cover of the spike protein.

These proteins help in transmitting this virus to the natural cover inside the body.

This time, scientists have found that the antibodies prepared from the resistance

taken from an animal called Lama, after sticking to this protein, does not allow

the virus to reach the body’s cells.

The virus is neither able to increase its numbers nor damage the internal organs

due to lack of access to the internal organs of the body.

Lama has antibody found by Research team

Assistant professor Jason McLean, associated with the research team, points out

that this is probably the first antibody that eradicates the effects of the SARS

Cove 2. Professor McLean is associated with UT Austin’s Molecular Bioscience.

After this achievement, this team is now preparing for pre-clinical studies. In this

period, it will be used first on the creatures. It used to be used on humans only

after everything got well. Only after the successful completion of this clinical trial

will it be properly recognized. Scientists believe that since China claims that the

virus has spread to humans only through Pangolin or bats, it was necessary to try

out all the naturally occurring immune forces in animals. Under this thinking, a

creature called Lama was found suitable. This semi-domesticated animal is also

known for its spitting. Actually it throws stinky spit at the front with its mouth in

case of being angry. His target is also infallible.

Scientists are advancing this research keeping in mind the older age groups so

that if any such antibodies are ready, then they can develop immunity within these

aged people. Otherwise, the effect of common types of medicines is decreasing on

older people. This is the reason that people in the youth are getting rid of corona

infection soon, while older people are having difficulty in it.

China’s experience is also effective in preventing epidemic

The research team has found that the internal structure of the Lama contains

naturally occurring means of protection against bacteria and virus attack.

Under this research, two resistance forces have been identified. One of these

behaviors is similar to human antibodies while the other is only a quarter of the

size of the first. This small one can be used as an inhaler after testing, which can

keep humans free from corona virus infection. Researchers believe that this

method is expected to be more effective because you deliver the pathogen directly

where the infection occurs or where the first attack of the infection is feared. Due

to the presence of a resistor at this location, the virus will automatically become

inactive after the attack.

The Lama on whom this research has taken place is four years old. He is in a farm

in Belgium. There are 130 more Lamas and alpacas with him. They are both

semi-domesticated animals of the camel species. Their height is less than the

camel. During the test he was also given injections of spike proteins. The study

after the virus attack found that its internal forces stopped the virus from

functioning and making a killing impact

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