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Most patients are not having early stage symptoms of Covid 19 now

  • Treatment of people in critical condition is difficult

  • Research on pangolin or bats continues here

  • This virus is changing its behavior in India

  • Not showing initial signs of infection


New Delhi: Most patients do not see or show the initial symptoms of Covid 19

itself. In the second or third investigation, the virus is being confirmed. This is

making the situation a little worse. The Union Health Ministry has given this

information about changing the face of this virus in India. On the other hand, the

same thing has started appearing in many other countries of the world. All of

these patients suddenly start deteriorating even after the initial symptoms of

infection of Covid 19 are not there. Due to this not being caught in the initial

investigation, scientists are now advocating for making some more robust

technique for its investigation. So that a virus attack can be confirmed in one go.

Currently, due to no such technology being available, the investigation of this

corona virus is going on in the traditional way. The change in this investigation

method is being advocated in India also because it takes more time. Keeping in

mind the need of the present and the population of India, the need for quick and

strong investigation report is being felt in the areas of red zone of infection.

Most patients showed signs of infection in later stage

Most of the patients were diagnosed with this virus when they were infected in

China. Only after the headache, cold-cough, sore throat, and high fever did the

breathing begin to become difficult due to infection. But now that the disease is

increasing due to early symptoms, the patient is reaching the hospital in critical

condition. Right now, due to the ongoing work in the country last December, the

medical facility has become much better. Even then it may be sufficient for

normal corona patients or those isolated from the possibility of infection, but not

sufficient for corona patients in critical condition. Not only medical arrangements,

but we also have an acute shortage of skilled health workers who can fight against

the spread of the disease.

The report of the Union Ministry of Health says that now eighty percent of corona

patients are being found who do not see the initial symptoms. Due to this, when

their situation is getting worse, then their serious condition is being known. This

in itself is becoming a tough challenge.

It spread from animals need rechecking

However, Indian scientists are also trying to make sure that from which creature

this virus has reached human body. There is already evidence that many serious

human diseases have come from other beings. Other people The viruses that have

negligible effects on street animals cause a lethal effect on the human body.

Before this, diseases like TB, rabies, malaria, toxoplasmosis reach humans from

other animals only, this is a scientifically proven fact. Similarly, it has been the

source of attacks from Ebola, HIV, avian flu, Zika and SARS.

It is being discussed that the corona virus has also spread from the marine fish

market in Wuhan city of China. Pangoline and bats have been attributed to this.

But Indian scientists are also engaged in research to test this fact in their own way

so that the truth can be ascertained.

Research will also prepare us for the future

Research on this virus that reaches animals from humans is also being done for

this reason so that preparations can be made in the future for any such attack.

Also, it can be tested whether other animals have also developed a new safety

system in the course of evolution so that humans can stay away from them.

In India, the condition of 15 percent of the patients admitted to the hospital after

becoming seriously ill without prior symptoms becomes critical immediately.

That is, only after reaching the final stage of the attack, they are found out sick.

Five percent of these people are reaching a very critical stage. As the number of

patients continues to rise, the treatment of five percent patients of such a serious

nature is also becoming a difficult challenge in the country as we have not been

able to complete adequate arrangements.


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