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The vaccine experiment on monkeys claimed to be a success

  • Indian species monkey used for this Work

  • First vaccine test was successful

  • Claim to make a vaccine called Picovac

  • 120 labs are doing vaccine preparation


New Delhi: The vaccine experiment on monkeys has been successful. Such

claims have been made by Chinese scientists. They have given information about

the success of this experiment. Earlier, Israel had also formally informed about

the progress made in the direction of vaccine research. Apart from this, work is

going on on a war footing in many countries. Every major laboratory is advancing

its research rapidly. On the other hand, this vaccine is also like an economic war.

vaccine prepared earlier will overtake others faster. Especially after the end of the

Corona crisis the economic picture of the world is going to change, it has already

become clear.

The vaccine test first phase ended successfully

The first phase of the use of vaccine has been claimed by China-based Sinovac

Biotech in Beijing. These people have prepared this vaccine called Picovac. It

was tried inside the monkey. Researchers have made it clear that the Covid 19

virus was genetically corrected and injected inside the monkeys. After this,

antibodies resistant to the real Covid 19 in the body of the monkeys were

prepared. This antibody is so powerful that it can kill the real Covid 19 19 virus.

Does. The species of monkey on which it has been tried is called Rehusus Macau.

This monkey is actually an Indian species monkey. Which was also considered

worth testing for the virus because its internal structure is very similar to humans.

After three weeks of investigation , it was found that the corona virus infection in the

monkey’s lung has been completely eliminated. Scientists have made this

information public only after completing all the investigations after not getting

the virus in the fourth week. On the other hand, the monkeys of the same species

who had not been injected with this picovac continued to have severe symptoms

of pneumonia respectively. For the first time, it has been announced that after the

success of this experiment, clinical trials are going on in humans since mid-April.

Chinese military organization has also prepared a vaccine, which, despite not

giving detailed information, it has been told that its clinical trial is going on on

humans too.

US president Trump claimed own by this year

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has also said that the disaster in

the midst of re-election, making his electoral weapon, should be prepared soon in

America. He also wants to raise his popularity graph on the pretext of fund raising

for this vaccine. Because of this, the work of vaccine research in the US has also

become very fast. The US hopes to have its vaccine ready by the end of this year.

Also, work is going on in countries of Europe, Asia and Australia. In India, Prime

Minister Narendra Modi himself has advocated for making his own vaccine based

on indigenous technology after trusting others. In the current global situation, if

India manages to make own drug, then the poor countries will first want to buy

vaccine from India, because in the discussion of many other medicines, the ability

of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

In total, there is a scientific assessment that there are a total of 120 projects of

Such production worldwide. All are studying the genetic structure of the

corona virus in different ways and making its use based on its parameters.

In addition, 82 other research trials are being conducted on animals.

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