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Israel and Netherlands claim success in preparing antibodies

  • Attack the virus and disable it

  • Israel’s defense minister announced

  • Netherlands discovery of human antibodies

  • Signs were given in the month of March itself


New Delhi: Israel and Netherlands are the two countries who has shown some

hope against the on going battle with corona virus.  Israel and the Netherlands

have claimed success in producing antibodies capable of killing the corona virus.

Israeli Defense Minister Nafatali Bennett said that it eliminates the virus attack

from the inside and can even completely eradicate the virus. It has been claimed

by his office that this work has been done in the main Biological Research

Institute of the country. Scientists are also completing the work ahead of it. After

the patent of this research, preparations for its commercial production are also

underway. From this announcement it can be inferred that clinical trials of this

antibody have also taken place. It has also been reported that the Defense Minister

himself also visited that laboratory and the scientists had obtained complete

information on their level. The work of this research center is directly under the

Prime Minister. Where the Defense Minister was given detailed information about

the functioning of antibodies that have the power to eliminate this virus. It has

been announced that after the patent process is complete, other international

companies will also be approached to produce this drug so that it can be delivered

to every area in the world as soon as possible.

Israel and Netherlands prepared antibodies

It is worth mentioning that in the month of March also, this laboratory was made

public about the availability of important corona virus research. At the same time

it was told that after the initial phase was successful, the next phase of work is

being started. Now Israel is being contacted by big companies due to its

production capacity being less than the whole world so that the trade of this drug

can be sold all over the world. By the way, in this whole announcement, it has not

been openly told whether a clinical trial has been done on humans for this or not.

No drug is allowed to be used without this trial, this is a global drug standard.

Research is being carried out worldwide after collecting samples of the virus from

several other countries, including Japan and Italy. On this basis, scientists in the

Netherlands have also claimed success in this work. It has been claimed by the

scientists of the University of Utrecht. It states that they have made monoclonal

antibodies. Its name is 47 D11. When it directly attacks that spike protein, the

corona protects the virus as the outer covering of the virus. Regarding the results

of the test, the scientists here are telling that it is not only the corona but also its

like attacks on SARS. This SARS protein also has a spike protein coating.

Control of spike protein is necessary for diagnosis

Due to this attack, the virus of SARS Cove 2 neither spreads the infection nor

increases its number in the body. Regarding the research findings, scientists have

said that work was going on in this direction only after the outbreak of SARS.

Remember that SARS virus was found in the year 2002-03. Berend John Boss,

the leader and associate professor of this research team, says that this antibody

also prevents other shells from becoming infected with a virus infection after

destroying the armor of the virus-defending protein. Research scientists have

made it clear that it is completely human antibody. It is not prepared from any

animal. Therefore, there is no need to test it on animals. Now, after seeing the

results of a clinical trial on humans, this antibody remains to be recognized.

Beside Israel and Netherlands other countries are also working for the same on

war footing to get a cure for Covid 19.

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