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Political manipulation game continues even during the Corona situation

  • Congress on the path to loss again

  • BJP needs government in Jharkhand

  • Jharkhand is necessary for Bengal elections

  • Problems increased due to health minister’s addresses

Ranchi: Political manipulation and permutation combination is gaining

momentum in jharkhand’s politics. This is clearly indicated by the Karnataka

Chief Minister VS Yeddyurappa’s U turn. Even before this, there were many such

signs coming from inside, which were about to give a change to the changing

political manipulation of Jharkhand. In fact, experts are also understanding that

the first train available to bring its laborers to Jharkhand across the country was

not a coincidence but was part of a thoughtful politics.

In fact, RPN Singh and his colleagues in charge of Congress have had a big hand

in spoiling the equations of the present state government. Even before this, the

reason for the untimely downfall of the non-BJP government in the state has been

the pressure politics of the Congress. This time too, something similar is

happening. The top Congress strategists are not abandoning their old thinking.

Because of this, in many states, the Congress is suffering losses.

Banna Gupta, who became Health Minister in Jharkhand, is also in controversy

these days for several reasons. On the other hand, the hotel episode of Tata is also

stuck like a bone in his neck. People know that from direct confrontation with the

director of RIMS from above, he has also directly hit Rajnath Singh. Some others

believe that even people like Enos Ekka in the past were more active in

government and eventually were made scapegoats. At present, Banna Gupta is

also seen walking on this same path.

A look at the requirements behind this shows that in fact, for the BJP too, having

its own government in Jharkhand is very important for the election of West

Bengal. Assembly elections are going to be held in Bengal soon and it can prove

to be not only a question of prestige for the BJP but also to decide the future

politics of the country. For this reason, Jharkhand, which is closest to the border

of West Bengal, is the best option for the BJP. In the areas of West Bengal along

the borders with Jharkhand, the BJP wants to increase its dominance only through

the route of Jharkhand. Therefore, she wants Jharkhand to have a government of

her own before the assembly elections in West Bengal so that she does not have

any problem.

Political manipulation is presently against congress

Old political veteran also believes that Jharkhand’s industrial and mineral revenue

is also an important issue for any political party. Therefore, despite being small in

size and proportion of Lok Sabha MPs and MLAs, the political importance of

Jharkhand exceeds that of many other states. BJP strategists also know this truth

very well. Therefore, it is certain that after the Corona lock-down crisis ends, the

politics of Jharkhand can also turn rapidly. The most prominent change in this is

due to former and first Chief Minister of the state Babulal Marandi joining BJP.

Which is also a strong face for the ruling JMM in the area of Santhal Pargana.

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