Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Sarju rai exploded another letter bomb against Raghuwar das
  • Jharkhand’s politics heats up with his letter

  • Illegal police office was there at Kanke road

  • This office was next to Gonda police station

  • Phone tapping of political leaders from CID

  • Demand for SIT investigation of entire case


Ranchi: Sarju rai is a reknowned political personality in Jharkhand. Specially he

is also known as a giant killer. He defeated Raghuwar das in the assembly

election from Jamshedpur east seat. Now he wrote a letter which pointed out

many illegal activities of police department during Mr Das’s regime. In the past,

there were complaints about the illegal monitoring of leaders. This time Sarju Rai

has sought action against those responsible, pointing to some clear facts about it.

After this statement of Mr. Rai, the police can also be judged because it is

believed that without strong evidence, Mr. Rai does not make unwarranted

allegations. Anyway, Sarju Rai has played a major role in the BJP’s defeat in

Jharkhand politics. Party has suffered in other areas, not just Jamshedpur, due

to the BJP not giving them tickets. Now again Sarju Rai has targeted Raghuvar

Das. In his letter, he has also demanded the formation of a special investigation

team for this entire case. Due to this demand, there has been a stir among the

officers who were once the beloved of Raghuvar Das. As it is, under the rule of

Raghuvar Das, the officers who are famous are in shunting these days. Some of

them want to save their lives and go to Delhi on central deputation. Special

branch officers in Raghuvar government used to keep an eye on the leaders. To do

this, an illegal office of the Special Branch was opened next to Gonda police

station. CWC, member Baijnath Prasad worked as a liaison to this office.

Raghuvar has been accused by former minister Sarju Rai.

Sarju Rai letter can bring trouble for many officers

Sarju Rai had earlier written a letter to the DGP on the matter. On April 1, he

wrote a tweet after writing a letter to the state DGP. Mr. Rai has written in a letter

to the Chief Minister that during the Raghuvar Das government, in the case of

opposing leaders, special branch was monitored illegally. In case of violation of

personal liberty of a public representative, no preferred police officer would dare

to carry out such misdeeds without the consent of the person in the top. The

minister of the then building construction department and the secretary of the

DGP, home secretary, will also be aware of this. Mr. Rai has written that the

policemen of the special branch who kept watch over him were. When the person

concerned was caught in Sahebganj, he admitted that he is an inspector in the

special branch. He had also told that information about your activity in Sahebganj

is being sought every hour.

Special department people were also caught in front of Raj Bhavan

Acting in front of the Raj Bhavan, the sepoy was caught confessing that he is

recording the video on the orders of the special branch constable and DIG of his

department. The then DGP was informed about both these incidents at the same

time. Now Mr. Rai has written that the new facts found in this regard are

shocking. On the instructions of the Raghuvar government, there was an

unauthorized office of the Special Branch in a building behind Gonda police

station on Kanke Road, Ranchi. In which eight computers and eight people were

employed who belonged to the special branch. Sensitive recording machines were

also installed here. Adjacent to that house was the residence of Baidyanath

Prasad. Who was and still is on the Child Welfare Committee at the time. He was

active as a liaison to this office. He received two bodyguards from the Special

Branch. Two drivers were also given as well. Three DSP level officers were

appointed in the office. From this office, the activities of various leaders were

monitored and their phones were tapped. A similar arrangement was also made at

the CID headquarters. For which 15 personnel of special branch were appointed.


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