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China again strongly denied allegations against it

  • Director of Chinese organization gave clarification on this

  • How This Virus surfaced, question remain unresolved

  • Donald Trump said he would go to the bottom

  • Indian scientists have also made allegations


New Delhi: China again denied allegations of spreading virus and using

biological weapons. At many levels of the world, there are allegations that

dangerous Covid 19 is not a virus but a biological weapon. It is being said that

this weapon is actually a product of a laboratory in Wuhan. Which have spread all

over the world due to spread from there. In the series of allegations, it has been

said that all the people working in this laboratory have been killed. The accusers

have even said that in fact the Chinese government has destroyed all the evidence

left in the laboratory there. Amidst these allegations, many other countries have

also given similar indications, with Germany claiming economic damages.

Regarding these allegations, China has given information on its behalf, refuting

the allegations against them. Prof. Yuan Zhiming, director of the National Bio

safety Lab, has said that the allegations of destruction of the laboratory’s evidence

have also been denied. The Wuhan Institute of Virology itself is accused of this.

He said that the allegations of this type are being made but there is no scientific

evidence. In fact, in this laboratory, it was accused of making biological weapons

and it was said that along with destroying all the evidence there, all the people

have also died.

China again accused of not warning world about this

Remember that till now more than 2. 55 lakhs people have been killed in the

whole world by this corona virus. It is understood that this explanation came from

China, while US President Donald Trump has clearly said that he is seriously

investigating this whole matter and wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Trump has also made it clear that if any conspiracy is found out, the US will

definitely demand damages from China. But I do not have a chance to talk on this

subject right now. The US President has made it clear that he is examining the

developments in this lab in Wuhan. After Trump’s statement, it has been clarified

by China that the virus has been transmitted from wild animals to humans.

Professor Yuan said that the reason is probably the result of changes in weather

and environment. Also, there is a side effect of getting too close to humans with

wild animals.

Indian scientists have also released a report on this

It is noteworthy that the Indian Institute of Technology had started the debate by

releasing a scientific research about it that it is actually a biological weapon.

Incidents of such research believe that China’s claims of spreading the virus from

wild animals have no merit. Firstly, China blamed the habit of eating pangolin for

this and said that viruses have been found in this animal, which have been found

in humans. Chinese scientist said that even before that there is evidence that

viruses from mice, bats or domestic animals Have reached the children.

Therefore, accusing China of using biological weapons is wrong.

On the other hand, a Russian scientist has alleged that the outbreak of SARS also

started in the year 2002-03 from a laboratory. Earlier in 1970, similar allegations

have been made in the bars of HIV and AIDS. In this sequence, some people also

say that China did not actually create this virus. The explosion of someone else’s

biological weapon has its beginning in the city of Wuhan, China. But there is no

scientific confirmation of all these allegations yet.

Overall, it is being seen that compared to the scientists who are preparing to

prepare the medicine or vaccine for this, less people are also trying to find the

cause and cause of the virus. Everyone wants to know where exactly this virus

came from and why it has spread so fast in the whole world.

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