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Preparations to make one million vaccine before trial in Britain

  • Supply and manufacturing line final

  • Work going on at Oxford University

  • Medicine will reach the whole world

  • Many others are also involved in making vaccine

  • Medicine from seven centers to the whole world


New Delhi: Preparations are on full swing to put themselves ahead in the Battle

of Corona in Britain. In this sequence, she has started work on the plan to prepare

one million vaccines before the clinical trial is completed. Actually this

preparation is so that.

There is no delay in starting the production of Vaccine if it is to meet the

standards of World Health Organization. With the production line already in

operation, this work can be started from the very next moment of recognition.

Meanwhile, Corona appears to be getting a bit less in the UK. But even after this,

he does not want to leave any effort in the investigation of infection. Every citizen

of the transition area is being investigated and the investigation is being analyzed

at a rapid pace. The actual status of India is not known because the process of

investigation is very slow here and very few people have been examined here in

proportion to the population.

This preparation in Britain is preparing to bring medicine by September

British scientists have already started making the vaccine so that it can be

available in sufficient quantity by September. Meanwhile, preliminary reports of

vaccine trials are also expected. The team at the University of Oxford in the UK

designed a test product.

Preparations are made for a test product

This is named CHADOX1 NCOV-19. It is actually a mixture of many medicines.

It’s classified as a viral vectors vaccine. 70 other vaccines of the same variety are

also involved in the trial and research race. Five of these 70 are also being tested

on humans. Scientists at the University of Oxford say that volunteers are also

being reinstated for preliminary stage investigations. The work has been done to

secure stock by completing all the preparations for production so that whichever

vaccine is recognized, its use can start immediately and at the same time its

production can be speed up. Excess production is not being done because the

vaccine will go waste if proved unsuccessful and the expenditure in their

production will be wasted.

Plan to deliver medicine to every part of the world

Adrienne Hill, director and professor at the Jennifer Institute of Oxford

University, associated with this task, said that we have made arrangements for its

early production all over the world despite low production. They can be produced

simultaneously at seven locations all over the world. This has been done so that

this vaccine can be made available to every part of the world as soon as possible

after production starts. That will take additional resources and time to keep it focused

around the world. In the current phase of challenge, it is the priority to reach

people soon. According to him, there is a subsidiary company for this work in

India too, which will start this work as soon as it gets the green signal. All the

preparations for its production in India have also been completed.

Lot of money invested in this project

Regarding this research, scientists believe that this is a huge economic risk

because millions of pounds have been spent on these preparations. Even after not

giving details of this expenditure, scientists believe that a lot of arrangements

have to be made in the preparations for fast production. Economic expenses are

definitely included in all those preparations. So far, more than 2 million people

have been affected by this corona virus worldwide and this figure is increasing

every day. The initial trial of vaccine is also to be done only among people of

certain age groups, it has been announced by the scientific team. Only people

between the ages of 18 and 55 will be included in this vaccine trial. After getting

the right result, it will be tried slowly on people of other ages as well. Five

thousand volunteers will participate in the final phase of the trial.

British government also in favor of these preparations

On the other hand, the British Government has said that the plan to bring the

vaccine to the public soon has its full support. Therefore, the government has also

invested £ 14 million in capital for all these schemes. Work is underway on 21

projects. The purpose of all this is to make vaccine for Corona soon. In this work,

two such institutions are also connected which are not connected with the

business of making profit. This information was given by UK Finance Minister

Alok Sharma. According to Mr. Sharma, a separate task force has also been

constituted for this, which is authorized to take quick decision in this regard by

mutual coordination. The task force is headed by Chief Scientific Officer Patrick

Valence, while the team includes Professor Jonathan van Tam.

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