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Covid 19 may prove to be a boon for India in the curse as well

  • Investors around the world are staring at India’s path again
  • New countries came to know India’s manufacturing power
  • For the first time, India’s pharmaceutical industry is noted
  • Multinational companies also hid Indian capability

New Delhi: Covid 19 is really a serious threat for India. But this global

outbreak is also bringing new opportunities for India. Therefore, it can be

believed that this is a curse for India, but in future it can prove to be an opener

for the golden future. Investors are beginning to explore more investment

opportunities in India as the strength of hydroxychloroquine alone is being

known about the strength of India. The process is further intensified after

Japanese companies were instructed to cease business from China.

In this context, it is also becoming a better opportunity for Jharkhand. In fact,

many companies are now preparing to refrain from taking their raw materials

from China. All such countries believe that China has misled the whole world

in relation to the spread of the corona virus. That is why such resentment

stems. For this reason, India’s name has come at the top as an alternative. This

is a period of crisis, which has also exposed the flaws of India’s trade policy. In

most of the countries where the demand for malaria medicine has reached the

name of India, in most of those countries, India had not taken any concrete

step towards expanding its business earlier. This is why India has so far failed

to find a new market in the world. Due to Corona, not only India but other

developed countries are also well aware of how far China had spread its


Covid 19 brought India’s name in lime light

Investors are finding out for the first time about the production potential of

India’s pharmaceutical industry. Those multinationals, Who had knowledge of

India, had never done the work of promoting or disseminating it for their own

benefit. The conspiracy of multinational companies to keep India’s name

hidden in the attack of Covid 19 alone has taken a blow.

Amidst efforts to get information from abroad, it is well understood that it is

relatively easy for these new countries to get information in India because of

English language. This language crisis has also been troubling investors in

China. Investors are also getting excited about the improvements that have

been made under the Id of Doing business in India in recent times. Obviously,

if this order is managed better, then the loss of India due to the attack of Covid

19 will be compensated by new capital investment and export. Along with this,

new employment opportunities will also be created in India.

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