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Covid 19 virus is a mutation of two viruses scientists suspect now

  • Doubts on China increased with new research findings

  • Virus of different animals made up of a third

  • Pangolin has its virus-activating key

  • Mostly its similar to bats virus


New Delhi: Covid 19 virus mean Corona virus has been prepared by mixing two

viruses. In the midst of continuous research about this, many people are accusing

China of using this biological weapon. Since the disease first spread in Wuhan

city of China, this question has been constantly floundering. So far, different

statements have been made by China.

See the compiled video of the finding

But other scientists of the world are seeking sufficient evidence to accept these

arguments from China. China has already placed itself under suspicion by

refusing permission to inspect its virus laboratory. Now due to the spread of virus

samples in the world, scientists have got an opportunity to do new research about

it. On the basis of this, from the facts that have been revealed so far, it is being

speculated that in fact it is not a virus but a virus prepared by mixing two viruses.

Scientists with long experience of this type of research were suspected of

spreading the virus from the beginning. Normally, when a virus spreads, it keeps

on giving its pre-signs. In Corona’s case nothing like this had happened.

Covid 19 was first detected at wuhan city

After the news of the sudden spread of this virus in Wuhan city, its fire spread all

over the world. But what exactly it was, investigation is still on. The World

Health Organization has also under pressure from other member countries of the

world to say that it will conduct an independent investigation into the matter. As

soon as the sequence of the virus started, scientists had started the intensive

investigation. Scientists could not make any firm conclusions about its genome

after studying the virus at an early stage. From the Chinese side it was first stated

that it is spread by a wild animal called pangolins. Later China described it as a

virus of bats. But the facts accepted by other scientists of the world were not

presented between these two claims. Now this mystery is being exposed all over

the world. Under this, after the knowledge of the genome and genetic structure of

this virus, how it reached humans, it has been continuously investigated.

US research team has analyzed the genetic mutation of two

Now a US research team has concluded that it is not a virus of a single animal,

but a virus found in many animals. According to this research, most of the

structure of this corona virus is similar to the virus found in bats. But the key to

the activation of this virus is in the body of pangolins. For this reason, it can be

believed that the corona virus has been prepared by mixing them together in the

laboratory. By the way, changes in the fund due to interaction with each other are

recognized scientifically and clinically. Nevertheless, scientists are doing further

research on how this has happened in the case of this virus. Although it is a

natural thing to have a mutual reaction in cells, but scientists want to solve the

mystery of how two different animal viruses have become together. There is

usually a mutual reaction in such treasures in the life of every living being. But in

the case of the virus, the question of how the third virus was born after such a

reaction in the virus found in two different animals is being investigated. The

manner in which this Covid 19 virus reacts after reaching the human body, its

links are being sorted one by one. Because it is a very complex scientific process

and because of its sudden appearance, the needle of suspicion has gone towards

China’s biological weapons laboratories.

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