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Sunlight can also kill the covid 19 virus claimed

  • Scientists and WHO also differ on this issue

  • Many scientists believe that this kills corona

  • It was investigated in the US laboratory

  • Virus eradicated in two minutes in sun rays

  • Unbiased investigation report is waiting now


New Delhi: Sunlight is the second issue in which other scientists and the World

Health Organization do not have an opinion. Other scientists have suggested on

the basis of their own research that the effect of corona virus in sunlight starts to

decrease rapidly and after a certain period it becomes completely inactive.


On other hand, the World Health Organization has opinion that sunlight cannot

prevent this virus. This conflicting opinion between complex scientific processes

is going to create even more confusion. But the manner in which the hydroxy

chloroquine case has come to light, the international scientific community is no

longer able to trust the WHO opinion. Scientists are also slowly believing that this

organization is also more inclined towards China and the opinion of this

organization has been dominated by multinational pharmaceutical companies.

This information has been given by William Bryan, Secretary of the Department

of Homeland Security, about a new research done in America. He said that the

consequences of this intelligence have not yet been made public. The research

findings have been sent to unbiased organizations for research and testing before

being made public. This conclusion will be duly made public once their opinion is


Sunlight research information from White House

Speaking to reporters at the White House, the US president’s housing-cum-office,

Brian said government scientists have discovered this. These scientists have

found that ultraviolet rays present in sunlight affect the corona virus. Therefore, in

the event of hot weather in America, this infection will also go dormant by itself.

According to him, scientists have seen in their research that this virus dies in

bright sunlight. This effect works equally on air and any surface. However, it

takes different time for virus to end on different surface. Citing the scientists

associated with this research, the said official said that temperature as well as

moisture data have been tested in it. In the presence of both, the virus has less

effect, ie both have proved to be helpful in reducing virus infection.

On the basis of scientific principles, it is an already proven fact that mercury

violet rays ie ultra violet rays have the effect of liberating infection on any object.

If there is any type of virus on any surface, it starts losing its effect when it comes

in contact with these rays because the radiation of these rays throttles the genetic

structure of the virus and they are not able to grow their own.

The power of ultra violet rays is already known

Scientists are also weighing the effects of ultra violet rays on this subject and its

waves so that the parameters used during testing can prove to be effective even in

the real situation. It has been reported that scientists created a natural light-like

situation in the laboratory on their behalf. Especially in the laboratory, this light is

designed to be similar to the sunlight that falls on American summer days. In the

same test, it has been found that the viruses are dying.

After this information was revealed, biologist Benjamin Newman of A&M

University of Texas said that a clear opinion can be given only after knowing how

and on what parameters the test has been done. According to him, it is not the

people who have done this test, they may have done wrong, but the real thing is

that where the virus is and how active it is, the method of checking it may be


Brian of Homeland Security said it has been tested at the National Bio defense

Analysis and Countermeasures Center in Maryland. The center works on

developing methods of defense in the event of a biological weapon attack on the

US. It is clear from this that the United States is also believing from the inside

that it can also be a biological weapon of sorts.

Wuhan’s laboratory was again held responsible

Regarding the research done there, it has been told to reporters at the White

House that in 21 to 24 degree temperature and twenty percent humidity, it was

completely finished in 18 hours on a hard surface. The surface of this variety also

had door handles and stainless steel. Sunlight decreased the efficiency of virus by

80 percent. The virus was eradicated in just two minutes under strong sunlight.

Scientists have found that after the virus was scattered in the air, it ended in an

hour between these conditions. But when the viruses floating in the air came

eradicated in just one and a half minutes. That’s why Brian believes that the virus

infection will begin to disappear naturally on its own in the summer. But he also

made it clear that even after this the current of social distancing and defense

Methods have to be adopted for a long time so that invisible viruses cannot attack

people from a hidden place again.

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