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Earth’s gravity is rapidly decreasing and scientists are worried

  • European Space Agency pointed this way

  • This Area is in between Africa and South America

  • This happens in a span of two and a half million years


New Delhi: Earth’s gravity is the another type of crisis in corona effected world.

Amidst the attention of many other types of disturbances, the information about

the rapid decrease of the Earth’s gravity has been revealed. Astronomers believe

that in the event of exceeding a limit, this problem can pose a big problem for

satellites installed in orbit space, as well as for all spacecraft. Under the research

this disturbance is being recorded between Africa and South America. Scientists

are doing more research on why this is happening in this area, familiar as the area

of South Atlantic. But till now no reason has been known.

The European Space Agency first attracted the world’s attention on the basis of its

data analysis. When research was done on this, it was found that since the year

1970, there has been a decrease of eight percent in it. Perhaps in recent times, due

to the speed of the decrease of this gravity, the attention of scientists has gone to

it. Jürgen Matja, a scientist at the Geoscience Research Center in Germany, said

that this situation is now being confirmed for several decades. Satellites have also

been deployed to find the cause. So that the activities of this South Atlantic

especially from space can be seen better and from above. This may provide

Earth’s gravity is one of the present problems

This is also being given more attention because recently, the internal surface of

the Earth has also been recorded to have a rapid change. The European Satellite

Agency has its own conclusion that this is probably due to the shifting of both

poles of the Earth. It has already been known that the North Pole of Earth is now

moving from Greenland towards Siberia in Russia. By the way, scientific history

shows that seven million eighty thousand years ago, a similar phase had come on

the earth.

So if this is happening then it is not new. Normally, every two and a half million

years, there is some kind of change on the earth. It is believed that due to this

gravity, Earth is protected from solar storm and cosmic radiation. There is also the

apprehension that this more effective cover may end up being more effective. As

a result, mobile services around the world can also be disrupted.

Monitoring is being done continuously from many satellites

All modern communication facilities can be hampered by its impact. Detail

information has been published in this journal about scientific research. It has

been told that the Earth’s gravitational field is probably not going back, but

because of changing the direction, it is starting to look so weak. But this

deficiency can adversely affect modern science. The main reason for this is that

this situation was not even assessed during the construction of the present

scientific plants. The ISA, through its group of swarm satellites, has continued to

collect complete information and new facts on it. In the midst of the Corona

crisis, due to many strange incidents, the attention of the people is constantly on

the variety of changes happening all over the earth.

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