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Quantum Physics again helpful in teleport research

  • Humans can be helpful in space travel

  • This test will be done on the first items

  • Work on making quantum computers in progress

  • Research on the living only after the success on the dead


New Delhi: Quantum physics has helped to make further progress in long-term

research on teleport. The quantum method has again worked in this order. So far,

only this method has been effective in the use of this variety. Otherwise, all the

research on other methods and chemical processes have not been able to give that

result, due to which it is being tried. In fact, this science is being pursued with the

idea of sending humans to remote space, as well as to bring the essential goods far

away in the blink of time. For a long time, work on this is being carried forward

only with this thinking so that with the help of this method, humans can travel the

distance of light years in space very soon. This will make it possible to go outside

our solar system as well. It is considered important for humans in the era of

searching for an alternative to earth.

The advantage of working on this technique of physics is that the work can be

carried forward by continuously improving the disturbances encountered during

research. In this sequence, the use of information technology from one place to

another without any contact has already been successful. After that experiment

was successful, the work of making computers based on the same technology is

also going on. Computers built on this quantum technology will be much faster

than the current computer and it will save a lot of time, especially with the help of

Artificial Intelligence.

Quantum Physics has helped in earlier experiments also

In the case of teleport, now two different materials have also been helped to work

together. The teleport method based on quantum method has made it possible to

activate the extremely fine points of quantum at different places. Scientists from

the University of Rochester and Purdue University are doing this. These people

have not only formulated this quantum method but have also successfully tested


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