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Corona effected youths sold food on handcart

  • City’s main business area is now panicky

  • They were supposed to be on Quarantine

  • People who ate from them are in danger


Malda: Corona effected youths were busy with their hand cart business. They

were selling Alu chop, Ghugni and muri. Many people of this prime business

locality ate from their cart. They all saw that corona effected youths were using

their hand to make the food items. Suddenly after the arrival of the health

department and the police, the concern of the eaters increased. The corona

effected youths werd hand picked from there. It created a sensation of anything

related to crime. Later on People came to know the reality. This created more

panic and many other hand cart seller run away. When asked by the crowd, it was

reported that they were found to be corona positive. They are therefore being

forcibly taken to the Corona Medical Center. According to the rule, They must

have reported by their own. Due to non-adherence to the rules, a lawsuit will be

filed along with their treatment. According to the local authorities of the health

department, in the ongoing investigation, 47 new corona patients have been found

in the Malda city. Out of this, there are ten people of the city. Along with this, this

infection among women is also seen to be increasing a bit. So far, the number of

corona-infected in the entire district has exceeded five hundred.

Corona effected youths violated rules

According to the police, four people were reported to be infected in Baluchar area

of the city. Among them, three people are the only ones. The migrant laborers

returning from outside had started their contract for earning. While not in the

home quarantine, he violated the rules and got into business. Therefore, through

these people, how many people have been infected, their information will be

known only by the investigation of such people. Many of the people there have

eaten something from these bails. Some of them have come forward to investigate

themselves. SP Alok Rajoria said that due to non-adherence to the rules strictly

by the people, the strictures are being done again. Is. Those who are seen without

masks are also being caught because at present, the rule of exiting only wearing

masks is applicable.


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