Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
The Rotary Club of Ranchi south organized programmes

Ranchi: The Rotary club of Ranchi South, organised a varied and remarkable

splash of activities to mark the beginning of its Rotary New year on 1st of this

month. The Rotary New year begins on 1st of July every year. New leaders take

up the reigns of responsibility, that they would shoulder through the Rotary year.

The Rotary club of Ranchi left no stones unturned in marking this day a

memorable and remarkable one. The Rotary Activities were conducted in JAP -2

campus Tatisilwai,Ranchi.All the programmes were organised with strict

adherence to lock down protocols by maintaining social distancing and other

other guidelines of Corona precautions. The day began with paying homage to the

martyrs at the war memorial site in JAP- 2 campus Tatisilwai. The wreath was

laid by Chief Guest Assist. Governor Rtn.Mukesh Taneja and Club president

Rtn.Rathin Bhadra.Floral tributes were given by Shri.Sanjay Ranjan Singh

,Camandent JAP -2 and his wife, Rtn.Susmita Das vice president,Club secretary

Nirmal Tigga and Spouse,Joint secretary Rtn. Arun Sinha and Spouse,IPP

Rtn.S.K.Giri and spouse,Sergeant at Arms Rtn Arvind Kumar and spouse,

Rtn.Rajiv Garg Director Membership, Rtn.Arun Sinha Director Rotary

Foundations, Rtn.P.S.Ghosh Director Training, Rtn S.K.Choudhary Director

Public Relations, Rtn.Raja Bagchi Director Service projects, followed by member

Rotarians.The tribute at the Martyrs Memorial infused the Rotarians with

renewed spirit of patriotism ,love , brotherhood and spirit of unity.

The Rotary club function has several activities

The second phase of activity was followed by plantation drive.Every Rotarian

enthusiastically participated in planting various trees at the JAP -2 site Fruit

bearing, decorative, shady,small and big all kinds of trees were planted

.Mangoes,jamun.amla, neem, litchi and kalptaru were a few of the varied

plantations. The third phase of the program was Honouring the Corona warriors.

Welcome note was given by President Rtn Rathin Bhadra,A speech on Nutshell of

Rotary was given by Senior Rotarian Rtn.Sushil Choudhary. Rtn.Arun Sinha gave

wonderful speech on the topic Corona a Global Challenge and a Salute to Corona

warriors, His talk greatly uplifted the noble work done by the Police, the Doctors

,nurses and the community workers. Various personals were honoured for being a

Corona warrior.

Concluding remarks were given by Commandent Shri.Sa njay Ranjan Singh. Shri

Sanjay Ranjan Singh was formally welcomed into Rotary by IPP S.K.Giri.

Shri.Satender Singh, GM,Coal India Limited was the Guest of honour who

witnessed the programme. Each Corona Warrior was honoured with a Rose

flower,a momento and a Certificate. Vote of thanks was given by Rtn.Rajiv Garg.

Though all witnessed a tiring day ,Everyone appreciated the programme and

congratulated the new president Rtn.Rathin Bhadra. The day ended with a

wonderful fellowship lunch sponsored by JAP -2.

The following were honoured for being a Corona warrior

Dr.Arvind Kumar ,RINPAS
Dr.Rohit Kumar
Sub Inspector Shahdev kujur
Probhost Gopal Mistri
Havaldar Mochilal Machuwa
ONS Chandra Yadav,
Havaldar Shivnath Ram
Arakshi 435 Sudhir Kumar
Constable 593 Sebeyan Dodroy
Arakshi 677 Mahesh Saw
J lal
Jhadu kosh Johari LAL and
Manila Jhadukosh Sarada Devi.

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