Tue. Nov 24th, 2020
Chinese army active near Arunachal along with Sikkim
  • The Indian Army is already ready here

  • Barricades with troops and weapons

  • China built the structure at 14 petrol points

  • One side talks and siege on the other side

Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Chinese army troops are intensifying along Arunachal as well as on

the Sikkim border. They are increasing activity near these two areas. Sources in

the Intelligence Bureau of the Indian Army said that China has increased the

deployment of its patrolling troops and weapons in the lake along the McMahon

Line in Arunachal Pradesh. The area is near the Line of Actual Control in the

McMahon Line in Arunachal Pradesh. In Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, the

border dispute seems to be increasing again inside India’s claimed territory. China

is also increasing its military presence and weapons near the border. Sources in

the Indian Army said that with the eyesight of Chinese and Indian soldiers at

seven locations including the Arunachal Pradesh China border, the People’s

Liberation Army of China has started counter-activities along Arunachal Pradesh.

PLA troops are increasing their patrols and increasing violations of the Indian

border. The two sectors showing the highest PLA activity. China is also

increasing military and diplomatic talks with India to reduce tensions in the

region as well as increasing its military presence at the McMahon Line in

Arunachal Pradesh and at other conflict points. China has deployed a large

number of troops to the McMahon Line. The Chinese army has again erected

some structures near the 14th patrol point. Earlier also there was news that both

countries are increasing the presence of their troops on the Line of Actual Control


Chinese army has a tough opponent now

Meanwhile, this area is also strategically important. If China had built a road in

Doklam, India feared that it would have increased China’s access to the 20-

kilometer-wide link (Chickens Neck) that resembles the hen’s neck, connecting

India’s north-eastern states with the country. Later on it could also be that China

could try to seize the north eastern part of India by cutting that link. It should be

mentioned that this 430-foot multi-span bridge has been completed strategically,

with the restoration of a hassle-free communication facility in Daparizo and the

surrounding 451 villages, as well as all locations along the LAC where our

security forces are stationed . . “The state government along with the Indian

government had raised the issue of rebuilding the bridge. Now that China

deployed troops on the Arunachal LAC, India also increased vigilance. Indian

Army sources said they would Soldiers are ready with weapons to control the



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