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Russia announced its vaccine research progress for the first time

  • Work in progress towards making Covid Vaccine

  • Russian scientists started trial on 18 people

  • Testing at Military Research Center of Russia

  • First time announcement came from Russia


New Delhi: Russia announced for the first time about its covid 19 vaccine

research. Any information has come out from Russia towards making Covid

Vaccine is the first time. Earlier, regular information about the progress of this

type of work has been received in many scientific research centers around the

world. This is the first time that Russian scientists have started testing their

vaccine on 18 volunteers after trying everything on animals. Earlier, no test of this

type was given by Russia until the release of the test. Actually, this research is

going on in a center functioning under the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Generally, no country gives any immediate information about the activities taking

place in the centers associated with the Department of Defense. According to the

information now provided, scientists from the research center of the Ministry of

Defense of Russia have worked together with the Gamalai Institute of

Epidomology and Micro Biology Center of Moscow. According to the 

information given, this test is being done in the military hospital. Under this,

different doses of the same vaccine have been given to the volunteers divided into

two groups. However, it has not been clarified whether the vaccine given to all is

the same or there is a difference among them. 18 people in the first group have

been given this vaccine on 18 June. All these people were living completely

isolated from others for two consecutive weeks. After the vaccine is given, it will

remain in the same condition for the next four weeks during the test period so that

no one else can come in contact with them.

Russian announced its research protocol details

During this time, they will be monitored round the clock. The changes happening

inside their body after the introduction of the vaccine are also being constantly

monitored so that there is continuous information about the effects and other

activities of the vaccine. According to the information received, after the

successful testing of this vaccine on these volunteers of the first round, more

people will be given this vaccine in the second round. Scientists associated with

this research have made it clear for the first time that it has been successfully tried

on small and big animals before trying it on humans. There was no formal

announcement before about the ongoing tests only.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has categorized the ongoing drug and

covid vaccine research work globally. According to the information so far, testing

is underway on dozens of medicines, while work is being done in more than one

hundred centers for making Covid Vaccine. Each of them is going through

different rounds of clinical trials. From all these, the World Health Organization

has classified 11 special clinical trials separately. Claims made by China are

currently not accepted because after the Chinese claims there has been a corona

virus attack again in Beijing. It can be reconsidered after reports of this vaccine in

these patients’ areas are reported.

Oxford University is in the fore front of Covid vaccine trial

At the forefront of this test is the trial of Oxford University. The research is being

conducted in collaboration with pharmaceutical company Estrazenka. On the

other hand, work is going on in China with the company, Cansinoboyo, who

claims to have made vaccine in the military hospital there. In addition there are

128 such covid vaccine research which are at different levels. But the report of the

first round clinical trial on humans has not come from anywhere. The vaccines

that were said to be successful in mice or monkeys are currently being tested on

humans. However, all the companies associated with this Covid vaccine research

have made it clear that even after the success of the research, they will keep the

price of this vaccine within the reach of the common man as it is a time of saving

lives, not making profit in the world.

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