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Scientists claim there is a small brain inside the heart

  • More new information will be available about the heart

  • Sample of advanced technology also introduced

  • Special mind controls heart

  • Heart picture analyzed

New Delhi: Scientists claim that there is a separate brain inside our heart. This

new finding is now proving to be astonishing to scientists as well. Biologists at

Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University have claimed that each heart has

its own mind. Scientists have also created a 3D map of the brain of the brain to

prove this. This mind works only and only for the heart. As technology is

expanding, the way to uncover many mysteries especially for medical science is

also getting easier. Based on this 3D technology, scientists are now continuously

working on making organ transplant work even easier and better. There have also

been many successes in this sequence.

Biologist James Schober studied the heart of mice. After this, he took a detailed

picture of the heart through the Knife Edge scanning microscopy of the heart, and

then with the help of these photographs, made a 3D map of the heart. In which all

parts of the heart are clearly visible. The part which is seen in yellow in the

picture, is the brain of the heart. James explained that this brain inside the heart is

called the intracardiac nervous system. At the behest of this mind, the heart

works. It helps in running the communication system inside the heart smoothly.

Scientists claim that this mind controls the heart

Not only this, it maintains the nervous system of the heart. It also tells the heart

how much blood has to be supplied in the body. Due to this mind, the heart is

protected from many diseases. James Schober further explained that due to the

map we have prepared, we will be able to find out what parts of the heart diseases

affect so much. Which will help us in treatment. He told that the neurons of the

brain are more in the left part of the heart. It is from here that they do their work.

Explain that James’s research published on May 26 in the I Science has been

explained in detail.

This type of scientific survey is completely new in itself. It is being speculated

that now the heart There will be a lot of facility in better understanding of related

activities and treatment of heart diseases. Before this, the artificial heart structure

has also been successfully used on the basis of this 3D technique.

Anyway, in the field of medical science, along with technology, the trend of

robotics is also increasing rapidly. For example, Covid robots were also used

indiscriminately in hospitals in Wuhan, China to prevent corona infection. Such

robots can be guided and operated remotely. This greatly reduces the risk of

spreading the infection.

High use of robotics due to Covid

Even during the global epidemic of Covid 19, this technique is now being used

indiscriminately in many hospitals. This eliminates the risk of infecting health

workers working in hospitals, while such specialized robots can work day and

night without any fatigue. They do all the work that serves the patient, which is

the responsibility of a common health worker.

Now after discovering the brain inside the heart, the medical activities in this area

have also got the attention of scientists. They are trying to understand this whole

process and the technology that controls it in order. This structure inside the body

is very complex, so after the secret is revealed, it is also anticipated that there can

be a complete change in the medical system especially related to heart disease.

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