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Super Earth discovered at eleven light years away

  • The area was monitored for the first time in the year 2017

  • Fifth success in finding the option of earth

  • Tess satellite telescope provided data

  • In 50 days, its sun revolves


New Delhi: Super earth has been located at the distance of eleven light years.

Where there is a planet like Earth. In fact, it has been re-discovered by the TESS

satellite, when it was first identified with the Kepler telescope. According to the

information so far, according to which the planet has been identified, the

atmosphere there can be similar to that of the Earth. Remember that even before

that four such planets have been identified. Actually, astronomers are carrying out

a separate mission to find the same planet as the Earth in space. The real purpose

of starting this campaign is to find an alternative to the earth and keep it ready.

Presently we don’t have that technology to travel so far. Once it is done, human

settlement can be established there too. The area where it has been seen is still

under study and scientists believe that there can be more than one area, which is

similar to the Earth. It is located at a distance of about 11 light years from Earth.

Even after it is very close in terms of space, our science has not yet developed the

technology to cover this distance.

Super earth is named as Gleiss 887

The area has been identified by a team of researchers from the University of

Gottingen, Germany. They believe that in the area identified, there are two or

three super Earth-like planets orbiting a sharp star. A dissertation has also been

published in the journal Science about his discovery. The planet that was first

identified has got the name Glise 887. There are gal rings around it and through it

information about the atmosphere has also been found. The same research team

had predicted the possibility of an alternative to earth in this area for the first time

in 2017. Since then, research on this was going on continuously. Due to constant

monitoring of this area, the research team came to know that its axis is somewhat

different. It is clearly visible every nine days and 22 days. But due to keeping an

eye on this area for three consecutive months, two more similar planets were

seen, where the atmosphere can also be like Earth. With the help of special radio

telescope installed in Chile, all the data there is still being analyzed continuously.

By the way, scientists estimate that all these are larger in size and weight than the

Earth. Their weight is estimated to be four to seven times heavier than the Earth.

But in this sequence, many other interesting information also came to the


It is estimated that there may also be water

This bright star of its center rotates in fifty days. Being very close to its main star,

there is also a possibility of water. Two more areas were detected, but their

temperatures are very hot, so they cannot be an alternative to the Earth. Research

is still ongoing on the third. For the analysis of its environment and temperature,

its data has been continuously analyzed for the last two months. Only by

analyzing these data will it be known that what they are seeing as an alternative to

the larger size of the earth, whether the projected temperature is worth life or not.

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