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Ten rupee mask for the poor Indian people made by VSSC scientists

  • Space scientist’s gift to the country

  • Common man can purchase it

  • Anyone can make it anywhere

  • Khadi will be used for this Mask


New Delhi: Ten rupee mask is going to be the cheapest and safest mask.

Considering the country’s need and economic condition. It has been prepared by

scientists of Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Center. India’s 2nd best space

research center has been designed by two scientists Anita S. and P. Venuprasad. It

has also been tested in every way. Only then is this mask considered safe to

protect against corona infection. While preparing it, scientists had taken into

consideration the economic condition of the people of the country due to the

Indian population of 130 crores and the corona lock down. Under this, the entire

design was made in such a way so that its cost is the lowest and it can really

protect people. Only ten rupees are being spent on its production. Therefore, it

can currently be considered the world’s cheapest and safest corona infection

prevention mask.

Ten rupee mask will increase Khadi use

Scientists have done the whole thing even for its cost so low i.e. only ten rupees.

Under this, Khadi has been used, bypassing all other clothes. Through this, these

scientists have also opened up a new opportunity for long-term Khadi clothing. It

is evident that now there will be additional demand for Khadi clothing for the

production of these cheapest ten rupee masks.

It is only after this has been made and tested that it is given in detail. Scientists

have said that this mask is actually of two parts, which have been safely

connected. The upper part of this ten rupee mask is for the nose. The lower part is

made according to the mouth. Both are combined in such a way that infection is

prevented and this mask can work properly according to the needs of both the

organs. It has also been duly tested against the current N95 mask. After it was

created, the scientists have Keeping in mind its design is finalized. Actually, apart

from the different routes of air coming from the nose and mouth, both have

different roles. That is why a separate part is made for the nose and separate part

for the mouth. The mask that sits just above the nose controls both of these types

of air differently, and both have been combined in such a way that the droplets of

infection cannot infect humans from between them.

In the design of this ten-rupee mask, wires have been attached to the nose to

strengthen it. This part of the wire sits on the upper part of the nose and there is

no problem in wearing it due to this wire being in the middle of the cloth.

This mask had been designed very carefully

Three surfaces have also been placed on this mask to prevent infection. In

between these three surfaces is a filter that does not allow any infection to

proceed. Along with this, a replaceable cartridge has also been installed, in which

anaurvedic oil can also be kept as per the requirement, then it is for the nose but if

someone wants, it cannot be applied. Masks are also made for different faces.

When dirty, it can be used again after taking two of soap while the scent can also

be filled in the filter cartridge named after it.

Most of the masks currently being sold in the market do not sit properly on the

faces. This is why people also have trouble wearing such masks. It also has the

facility to do more or less the string hanging on the back of the ear.

Scientist Venuprasad said that it has been prepared in such a way that even a

common tailor can prepare it by sealing and even then its cost remains the same.

Actually, it was always kept in mind while preparing its design that it should be

made according to the needs of the common Indian. Right now people are going

to need masks for a long time while the corona crisis continues. In such a

situation, a mask of ten rupees will also save a lot of money for every person.


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