Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Despite frequent controversy, new research proved the usefulness
  • Hydroxychloroquine reduces the death rate

  • Henry Ford healthcare test reports show

  • Tried over 2500 patients with results

  • This medicine saved many lives


New Delhi: Despite frequent controversies, the utility of hydroxychloroquine has

finally been certified in the US. In fact, it was immediately denied by the World

Health Organization after US President Donald Trump advocated it. This rebuttal

led to a major controversy. Later in India, ICMR also rejected its usefulness. A

large section of scientists was continuously investigating the effect of this drug on

corona patients, even after constant publicity. Now scientists at the Henry Ford

Health Service in Michigan have suggested that the drug is capable of keeping the

death toll from corona low. This medicine is especially effective on patients who

have less infection with corona virus. Under this, scientists have concluded this

after research on 2541 patients admitted to the hospitals there. This figure for

patients is from 10 March to 2 May. Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO of Henry Ford

Medical Group, associated with this research, said that our data is showing that

the use of this hydroxychloroquine was effective on patients and because of that

we have been able to reduce the death toll. He made it clear that there has been a

lot of controversy on the issue of the use of this drug, but now we are making the

findings public based on our research data. The research data of this health center

suggests that the death rate of people who were given this drug was 13 percent,

while 26.4 percent of the patients admitted without treatment received it in their


Despite frequent controversies research result finally came

Under this research, some patients were given this drug with azithromycin while

some were given only this medicine. The World Health Organization was the first

to deny it when the US President spoke about this drug used for treatment of

malaria. Since then, the relationship between the US and the World Health

Organization continued to deteriorate. Mr. Trump had even said that this

institution called WHO is now working at the behest of China. An article about

this research by Henry Ford Health Organization has been published in the

International Scientific Research Journal, citing the data of his research, despite

WHO and others were against it.

According to the data, all the patients who came under the purview of this

research were aged above 18 years. Out of these, those brought under the purview

of this medicine were given this medicine only after admission to the hospital.

Despite being surrounded by constant controversies, a section of scientists were

themselves in favor of investigating it. Scientists from the Henry Ford Health

Organization were also among those with such opinions. Of the patients admitted

for treatment in the hospital, 91 percent of the patients were given this medicine

within 48 hours. Two doses of 400 mg were given to such patients on the first day

of treatment. After that, for two to five days, he was given two doses of two

hundred milligrams. Some patients also received a dose of five hundred

milligrams of azithromycin. This additional drug was administered in the dosage

of 350 mg for the next four days.

Patients were given complete information about drug

Doctors associated with treatment made it clear that azithromycin, along with the

controversial drug hydroxychloroquine, was given only to patients who had heart

problems. After making the findings of the research public, Dr. Kalkanis said that

in his understanding this drug could definitely reduce the death toll among

patients suffering from corona. Dr. Marcus Xervos of the same institute said that

now the usefulness of the drug has been revealed and its benefit figures are also

before us. After this report, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

may also revise its directive, which instructed to use disputes such as

hydroxychloroquine with considerable consideration. This American institution

said that it is not a corona drug. But now claims of lower death figures and survey

figures have come out.

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