Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Mining from outside the earth is the new target
  • There is a huge reserve of minerals at moon

  • Iron and titanium have been confirmed

  • Preparation of business mining going on

  • American project will start by 2025


New Delhi: Mining from outside the earth will be a new mining business project.

The plan to raise minerals from outside the earth is not a new one. The work of

bringing minerals from outside the earth has not started due to lack of technology.

But if many such areas have been found in space research, then we are able to

meet the mineral requirements of the Earth for a very long time. Only after this is

confirmed, plans to work by bringing minerals from outside the earth are being

finalized. For the first time in this sequence, NASA has said that there is probably

more mineral present on the moon than previously estimated. As the surface is

being analyzed there, this fact is emerging.

After NASA’s announcement, the competition to capture the mineral deposits of

the outer world is going to intensify. Remember that even before this a meteorite

was identified, the majority of which were pure gold. Remains of The remaining body

is tied by the iron metal there. In the efforts to extract gold from that body,

preparations for scientific expedition are going on. At present, the biggest

obstacle in its path is the safe return of the mineral after traveling far enough in

space. But due to the short distance of the moon, current science can do it from

here. For this reason, it is also being speculated that by the year 2025, the

operation of mining of mineral deposits from the moon can also begin.

Mining from an asteroid targeted for gold reserve

Modern technology has been revealed to have more mineral deposits than

anticipated within the moon. Before this, whatever soil could have been brought

in the lunar expedition, it was scraped from the upper surface. Now miniature

radio frequency devices are being used for there. Such devices are installed on

NASA’s LRO vehicle, so due to radio waves, they reveal the address of the

minerals hidden under the earth. Based on the analysis of these data, NASA has

assumed that more minerals may be under the lunar surface than anticipated. So

far, it has been confirmed that apart from iron, precious metal titanium is also

present on the moon.

By the way, apart from quarrying minerals on the moon, scientists want to carry

forward their mission of establishing human settlement on the moon by

understanding the structure below the surface. The snow stored within the deep

trenches of the moon can also be used. At the northern end of the moon there are

trenches, which have been found to contain ice. It is believed that during the

explosion of meteorites falling on the moon, only the depths of the lunar surface

are present in these trenches. You can find out more by studying there.

More information will be found from the deep trenches of the moon

Therefore, the structure of these deep trenches is also being studied. Some of such

trenches on the moon are three to 12 kilo meter wide. It is estimated that such a

moat is formed on the surface of the moon due to the falling of meteorites. It is

noteworthy that US President Donald Trump has signed the order in the last April

itself, which is said to encourage citizens to do mining on the moon land as well.

In this order, not only the moon but other solar areas have also been given

exemption for commercial production of minerals. It has also been clarified from

the American side that there is no global agreement for the moon or any other

place of the outside world. Therefore, America can take any decision in it by its


However, along with America, Russia and China are also trying in this direction.

A Chinese expedition is currently underway there. Therefore, it is also believed

that only after information has been collected by other countries, NASA has made

public the information about which it already knew. Perhaps to avoid the

embarrassment of announcing it by some other country, NASA’s mineral

composition of the moon has been told for the first time.

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