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China has been doing research on corona virus for seven years

  • The virus was first discovered in a copper mine

  • Wuhan’s laboratory had a sample of the virus

  • Bat lady herself went there to do research


New Delhi: China has been doing research on this corona virus for last seven

years. The question of what China has done on the corona virus samples that have

been in the laboratory for seven years has raised a big question again. Actually,

according to new information, China only came to know about the corona virus in

2013. While working in a copper mine there, six laborers succumbed to strange

pneumonia. On investigation, it was found that they had come in contact with bats

present inside the mine. Since then, samples of this virus found in bats had

reached the Institute of Virology in Wuhan. Now after Corona terror has spread

all over the world, scientists are raising questions about what work China has

done so far after keeping the virus in its laboratory in 2013. This question is more

important because some scientists believe that genetic modification has been done

in the current Covid 19virus. Such genetic modifications can only be done in a

laboratory. Already there have been allegations about this institute of Wuhan that

this virus has been prepared in this laboratory. It should be clear to China what the

work has done on this virus since the samples arrived in 2013. Scientists around

the world are now making this demand.

China has been suppressing these facts known to them

According to the figures and facts which have come out now, three people who

had fallen ill in the copper mine had died. At the same time the virus samples

were delivered to Wuhan’s laboratory. At the time nothing was said definitively

about the death of these people, but now it is believed that all three people were

hit by the corona virus due to contact with bats. Actually, this incident has been

recalled by a health officer of the southern province of China. When sick people

were brought to the hospital, he was posted in the same hospital. After the

incident was mentioned by a responsible person, others have also recalled that

after that incident, Shi Jengli, a virus specialist at the Institute of Wuhan, also

visited the mine. Scientists now know Shi Jengli as Bat Woman because they

have done a lot of research on bats. He was the first to point out in February that

the corona virus is most similar to the virus found in bats. It has already been

clarified by the Institute of Wuhan that they do not have any sample of this type

of virus. But even after this, research has been going on in the world.

Cambridge University has already expressed its doubts

A research team from the University of Cambridge has concluded on the basis of

its research that Genetic modifications have been made to the virus. Some such

modifications have been made in the natural virus, which gives him an

opportunity to become lethal by sticking to the human fund. With this new

research, it is becoming doubted and confirmed that Covid 19 virus is not a

natural disaster. The research team of the University of Cambridge has said that

analysis of genetic links to the virus makes it clear that it has been modified

artificially. Due to these artificial modifications, after coming into contact with

human, this virus not only generates by sticking to human blood cell but also

spreads to lungs and intestines. Due to the spread of this infection, the human

condition gets worsened. On many occasions, humans die from this virus due to

the weakening of the body’s own immunity. The clinical findings of this research

suggest that it also has the role of a human body that helps the virus become

highly active. Under chemical analysis, it has found those fragments of amino

acids that are made artificially. They are not prepared naturally.

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