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A huge snake was killed due to panic in the village

  • Scared people killed Cobra and forty children

  • Eggs also destroyed after killing children

  • Workers engaged in cleaning saw it

  • This snake was of very big in size


Malda: A Huge snake was killed by villagers only due to panic. Normally in this

area snakes are not killed specially in this breeding season. Actually people were

frightened by the sudden appearance of a huge snake in the middle of the straw

inside the village. It is generally not the custom to kill snakes here in rural areas.

They make some arrangement that the snake in its own way moves towards the

forest or deserted areas on its own. But the atmosphere here was such that as soon

as a big snake was seen in Dangila village, people went to kill him with sticks and

sticks in the name of rescue. This is the incident this morning. After the

completion of some straw, 15 eggs of snakes were also seen from the pile of

straw, then the villagers broke those eggs too.

By the way, the information about the death of such a large number of snakes is

slowly becoming public. Therefore, the people of the village also believe that now

the officers of the forest department can also take action on this. According to the

belief of the countryside anyway, there is no custom to snake anyway and not to

kill at all in this season. In a sudden panic, a lot of people have done it together

suddenly. Environmentalists around the place also believe that killing such a large

number of snakes in panic is not appropriate. Even after this, the environmental

balance of the area will deteriorate and the villagers will have to face a lot of

trouble due to frogs and mice.

A Huge snake inside village was the main reason of panic

After getting information about the incident, General Secretary of Human Rights

and Center and Environment Bachao Samiti here, Mrityunjal Das said that this is

also a lack of awareness. Due to lack of general information, people often lose

their sense of sight at snakes. Later, the terror of frogs and mice starts disturbing


By the way, the villagers say that some people were doing cleaning work there.

Actually this straw was lying under a garden. People got scared because the

children of the village played in the nearby grounds. For this reason, in the care of

their children, people killed them without thinking anything. Some people say

that after seeing the snake, information was given to the people of the forest

department. After receiving no reply from that side, the villagers decided to kill

all the snakes. However, after this incident, the search of nearby areas has also

intensified. Villagers believe that when a snake of such a size is found near the

village, then surely more snakes will be nearby.

In this regard, Anshu Yadav, an official of the Malda Forest Department, said that

killing such a large number of snakes is wrong. If the information was received on

time, the people of the department would go and remove all the snakes safely and

leave them in the forest.

Elephant attack in Falakata of Alipurduar

The villagers of Falakat block are also unable to sleep properly at night. Actually

a group of wild elephants is attacking in the dark of night. Due to being a raw

house, it has become easier for elephants to break their walls by eating paddy.

Last night The three elephants together have razed five houses in Dalgaon tea


On the other hand, in Rajabhatkhaoya Garobasti, the body of a baby elephant has

been recovered from a paddy field. No one is aware of how this child died. Till

yesterday evening, people were working in their respective fields. At that time no

elephant was seen around. Where the elephant has been found dead, there is no

electricity cable around it.

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