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This Little dinosaur looks like a doll or cute pet animal

  • Probably dinosaurs grew up from small size

  • This creature could stand on your palm

  • He had a height of four inches in size

  • But underestimating it is a danger


New Delhi: This Little dinosaur must have attracted us to bring it on out palm as

a pet animal. Even we would have tried to lift it on our palm like a toy or like a

pet. Actually, it is the smallest dinosaur yet, but scientists believe that despite

being small in size, it had the same ability as other dinosaurs. So this small-sized

dinosaur is named Kongonaphon kely, the word means small-sized hunter. So

under estimating its power will be a danger for all of us. Fossils of this small-

sized dinosaur have been found in the southwestern region of Madagascar.

According to preliminary estimates, it lived around 237 million years ago on

Earth. Despite being small in size, it was actually a dinosaur and belonged to the

invading species.

Dinosaurs and flying reptiles have been placed in animals of the Pterosaurs

species in ancient times. It was known about their size that they used to be

elongated. Now this small size dinosaur has been discovered that used to hunt

small size creatures. Based on the remains found, scientists are speculating that it

was about sixteen inches or forty centimeter long. His height was four inches.

Therefore, it could really fit in the palm of a common man, that is, it was the size

of a common smart phone found in today’s era.

This little dinosaur attacked small animal for prey

It was a killer animal which used to kill small animal for his hunger. But it was on

Earth at that time while most of the creatures were demonic. Even giant

crocodiles living in water used to hunt dinosaurs due to their size. There were also

huge turtles in this period, which was the size of a normal car today. But scientific

research suggests that they all originated from the same species. After the

discovery of this fossil, the notion is evolving that after amoeba originated on

Earth, giant creatures like dinosaurs were also born by the process of gradual

transformation of small animals. In scientific research, this animal group is called

Ornithrodira. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and research scientist

Christian Kammler laments that this is a discovery that sheds new light on the

gradual development of life. It is possible that the dinosaurs of huge size have

evolved in the process of diffraction from this organism. This time, John Flynn,

scientist at the American Museum in New York, says that according to the fact

that dinosaur species exist here, they existed on Earth about 230 million years

ago. Evidence from his first species suggests that the dinosaur of the early species

was twenty feet in length.

Later the creatures with wings of thirty five feet also evolved

Similarly, small-sized fossils have also been found in Pterosaurs species. Later

evidence of evolution of giant animals has also been found in both these species.

The wingspan of one of these birds was close to 35 feet, which is similar to that of

an F16 war aircraft today. In the later period, dinosaurs of 35 meters in length

have also been confirmed. So it can be assumed that if small size animals were

made for a particular reason, then from this small dinosaur, it would become huge

dinosaurs which were really scary and ruled the earth in their time. It is another

matter that after the meteorite rains caused a fire in the whole world, many

species of animals including dinosaurs walked in this fire and ended in one stroke.

At the same time, a lot of life inside the water was lost due to meteorite rains.

Before the meteorite fell under the chemical reaction, small particles of glass

formed on the sky fell into the gills of the water creatures. Most species were

killed by this asphyxiation.

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