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This comet is bringing the weirdest coincidence to modern earth

  • Humans of the current species will be able to see it for the first time

  • Look at the north eastern end of the night on 22 and 23

  • Scientific eye has been on this since last three July

  • Only seen once in six thousand years


New Delhi: This Comet is visiting for the first time in modern human era. This is

because there are historical facts and mythological evidence in relation to modern

civilization, they are five thousand years old. For this reason, it can be assumed

that this comet is going to be seen for the first time in the modern earth. This

meteorite will pass through the earth this month. By the way, it is seen coming

towards the sun. Many people have seen it with open eyes and shared their

pictures on social media. Due to passing at extremely high speed, it is moving

forward by heating the solar particles around it. For this reason, a broom-like light

also appears in his path. The same happens with any comet. Many times the tail

stars also look like this. Which are clearly visible on the dark sky.

The comet that is being discussed is named C-2020 F3. Due to its coming closer

to the earth this month, it is believed that the species of humans present on the

earth will be the first generation in its developed species to be able to see it. Well,

because of its close proximity, astronomers are also very interested in it. Having

already known about its axis, it is certified that it passes through the Earth only

once in six thousand years. Therefore, it is also a historic occasion for us.

This comet is under continuous observation since 3rd July

On July 3, when it passed very close to the Sun, its distance from the Sun was 44

million kilometres. Scientists have been able to see that this meteorite has had an

effect on the outer cover due to the sun’s passing so close. Due to the burning of

its upper surface, dust marshes have arisen in its path. At the same time, due to

the effect of this fierce heat, the gush of gases has left in its path. Which can be

viewed. Now walking on its axis, it is going to be visible on Earth from next

week. It will be seen passing over ten degrees above the north eastern sky. Due to

its size and speed, it will also be visible clearly in the dark of night. The sequence

of its sighting will continue till August. After that it will again overtake its six

thousand year orbit. Between this, it will be closest to the Earth on the 22nd and

23rd of July. At that time, its distance will be about one hundred million

kilometres from Earth.

Sun burned down its surface while passing near it

Scientists monitoring his movements have said that it was closest to the Sun on

July 3. A telescope of the Near Earth Object Field Infrared Explorer is also being

used to monitor this. Scientists had seen this coming on March 27 itself. Shortly

thereafter it was calculated how close to the earth it could pass. In fact, this type

of comet also has an effect on the earth passing very close to the earth. Many

times, meteorites too are drawn towards the Earth by suddenly passing under the

influence of the gravity of the Earth. These days, there is a series of meteorites

passing close to the earth.

Joseph Maserio, the head of the NASA team monitoring it and deputy principal of

the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, said that the comet could be assumed to be about

five kilometers wide in size. Other traces on it suggest that it is surrounded by

dust from about 4.6 billion years ago. In this sense, it can be considered quite

ancient. Through this, scientists also want to collect more information about the

ancient solar world and its development.

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