Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Carbon dioxide can also be absorbed by Stone dusts in fields
  • This Corona era showed us new things about pollution

  • Stones from volcanoes will work after grinding them

  • Cost of reducing pollution is also very low


New Delhi: Carbon dioxide can be reduced from out atmosphere by using this

new method. Its the main challenge for us to reduce pollution. During the global

lock-down, we have witnessed many strange incidents. In fact, where the

environment has been cleared due to the stagnation of life, wild animals have also

been seen moving towards the cities in peace instead of being fed up with the

antics of humans. The bears are also seen roaming the streets, close to Prime

Minister Narendra Modi’s own village. In many rural areas of North West 

Bengal, elephants, tigers and even rhinoceros have left the fields inside the


In the course of this change, a new thing has emerged that the world’s largest

factor of pollution, carbon dioxide, can also be reduced. For this, if the stones of

the stones are scattered in the fields, then they can also absorb about two billion

tons of CO2 every year. This will also reduce pollution related problems caused

by increasing carbon dioxide in the world. However, scientists who have

researched it have clarified that only the stones of Basalt that come out from the

depths of the earth due to volcanic eruptions can be used in it. If these stones are

grinned and scattered in the fields, they naturally absorb carbon dioxide. Its

adsorption estimate has been derived based on the methods used for open and

vacant land. Scientists also analyzed CO 2 emissions from all over the world.

According to him, India is also named among the countries leaving the most

carbon dioxide in the world atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide emissions list include India

Apart from this, China and America also have the most carbon dioxide is released

into the air, which is dissolving the poison in the earth’s atmosphere. Many

adverse effects are also being seen. About two billion tons of carbon dioxide can

be absorbed every year if the powder of basalt stones is scattered on the fields.

This amount is equivalent to CO 2 emanating from all the airplanes flying in the

world and sea-going water vessels and half the CO 2 emissions of the whole of

Europe. It is evident that with the introduction of this method, it will also start

showing better results on the atmosphere. Scientists are of the opinion that other

useless substances released in the mining industry can also be helpful in this.

While doing this, a research team at Sheffield University has studied it amid the

circumstances of the global lock-down during Corona. This research has also

been published in an international scientific journal.

The importance of this research is even greater because it has been decided at the

Paris conference to reduce carbon dioxide from the world that by the year 2050,

the emissions have to be taken to zero all over the world. By this method, this

goal can be achieved at low cost and also in the right way. If this method worked,

there would be no problem in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is

dissolving the poison in the atmosphere. Circumstances like global lock down can

also be caused by pollution, we also have many examples of this. In Beijing, the

capital of China, life is often stopped due to this pollution. In winter, even in

Delhi, due to the burning of stubble in the fields of Haryana and Punjab, such a

situation continues to arise.

Global lock down taught us to look at it from another perspective

Scientists have found that this method can be easily applied in the three countries

which are producing the most carbon emissions from China, America and India

because they have open and empty fields to do so. Scientists believe that this

method can also be tried in the growing fields. This will not have any adverse

effect on crop yield as well, because the fine grafts of the basalt stone will be

helpful for its yield. The estimated cost of reducing carbon dioxide by this method

will also come from eighty to one hundred and eighty US dollars per ton.


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