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The dolphin was also once a very large and aggressive animal

  • Giant creatures were also present in the sea

  • Whole skeleton was found in South Carolina

  • Research was quite to reveal this creature

  • Later it was divided into two different species


New Delhi: The dolphin was not like this, which we see and enjoy today.

Presently we consider the dolphin to be a very loving and understanding creature.

On several occasions, incidents of saving lives of humans or other living creatures

have also been heard by them. Trained dolphins enjoy the audience through their

shows at their shelter centers. But this creature used to be very huge in ancient

times. At that time it was also the most aggressive underwater creature. These

things have been mentioned in a research about this. This dissertation has also

been published in an international journal called Current Biology.

Actually, this time the research car started after getting a very long skeleton fossil.

The remains were found in South Carolina at about 15.7 feet tall. From this, it

was initially proved that this creature was a resident of this area in the ancient

earth. Preliminary research on this relic indicated that it is about 25 million years

old. As the research car progressed, it was proved that this skeleton is actually of

a huge dolphin of that ancient period. Later, it was clear from all the structures

and teeth of his body that it was a fiercely aggressive creature. Its teeth were

very strong and ivory-like. Through this, he used to attack his victim with a fatal


The dolphin has subsequently split into two species

Now after it is known, scientists want to solve this link why in the long run its

two species have separated. Currently small-sized dolphins and other giant

species of whale exist on Earth.

Actually, this fossil of dolphin of ancient times was found only in the year 1990.

But at that time, scientists had missed understanding it. They thought it was some

other creature. Later, all the parts of his body were interpreted differently, and the

conclusion of the data was that it is actually a colossal dolphin. It is clear that

after this period, there has been a process of change in the aqueduct of whale

species, due to which two different native species are still seen in the world.

Scientist Robert Boynesnecker of Charleston College associated with this

research said that this confirms the ancestor of both whale species found in water.

Therefore, it is a big question for scientists why and how two different species

evolved from the same ancestor. Also, the mystery remains to be understood as to

why this huge dolphin has completely disappeared from the sea.

Origin of life from water is an established fact

On discovering this, what happened in the earth in the intervening period or some

new information about the evolution of beings can also be found. Much is already

known that life on earth was developed only after water. Therefore, life came out

of the water and came to the ground. Now, on the basis of what changes have

been made in water life and how it has happened, scientists are engaged in a

gradual campaign to connect all the episodes one by one on how life has

progressed on earth. Therefore, scientists associated with research are also

advocating fresh research on other relics of this variety so that if many topics

have been missed in earlier research, then other episodes can be added to this

research by reviewing it.



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