Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
The Maoists killed Mahavir Singh Munda at tamar area

Tamar: The Maoists have re-registered their presence in the area by killing one

person. Mahavir Singh Munda, a resident of Dungardih is shot dead by Maoists

on the Lungtu Managoda road of Tamar police station. This is a Thursday night

event. Whose information reached the police station late. The Maoists claimed

responsibility for the murder, leaving a poster at the scene. However, he was

kidnapped yesterday. In the posters left by the Naxalites, it is written that Mahavir

Munda was sentenced to death in connection with the SPO for levy, robbery and

police informer in the name of party. The CPI Maoist is written below as a

requester. In connection with the incident, rural SP Naushad Alam told that

Mahavir Singh Munda, resident of Dungardih, was abducted by criminals with

four weapons while working in the field at 11 am on Thursday. The deceased’s

sister Vrihaspati Kumari immediately informed the Dungardih SSB camp. As

soon as the information was received, the soldiers of the camp started

investigating. A case was also registered against four unidentified criminals at

Tamad police station. On Friday morning, it was reported that the body of a

person was lying in Managoda forest. As soon as the information was received,

Bundu reached the scene with DSP Ajay Kumar Dalbal, it was found that the

body was of Mahavir Munda. Mahavir Munda was shot dead very close. Rural

SP Naushad Alam called a bomb disposal squad and got the ID bomb tested first.

Also, the FSL team was also called to the scene. Only after completing the whole

process, the body was recovered and brought to the Tamad police station late in

the evening.

The Maoists had earlier killed Devanand Singh Munda

Rural SP Naushad Alam went to the deceased’s house Dungardih and consoled

the family members of the deceased and said that they should catch the killers as

soon as possible. There has been an atmosphere of panic in the area after the

incident. This is the second murder by the Maoist within 15 days. Earlier,

Devanand Singh Munda, who had left Naxalite activities, was killed on June 29 in

the middle of Adelpidi village.


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