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New type of fungus in human lungs due to Corona virus

  • This fungus occurs on the ground and in the plants

  • Initial research confirms its of hybrid category

  • Three times more powerful than common fungus

  • Initial screening deeply examined samples of patients


New Delhi: New type of fungus is occurring inside the human lungs due to the

corona virus. Now, while the death toll of patients has gone up sharply,

researchers have researched on it. Now a new research has been started about this

fungus. This information is revealed for the first time in relation to the initial

research about fungus. Actually, the type of fungus found in the lungs of humans

after death is Aspergillosis. Generally this fungus is found only on soil and plants.

For the first time they have been found in this condition inside a hospital. This has

provided completely new information about the nature of corona infection.

Regarding the fungus identified, the researchers have made it clear that it is in the

hybrid category, that is, it has also been modified artificially. Its immunity is also

three times better than that of the common aspergillosis fungus. Because of this

special strength, common medicines have no effect on it.

New type of fungus in lungs has raised many questions

German scientist Gustavo Heinrich Goldman, Sao Paolo University, Professor of

Brazil and co-scientist Antonis Rokas, a teacher at Vanderbilt university in the

United States, are doing further research on this. These people have collected

samples of this fungus from the lungs of patients. Now the structure of those

fungus is being analyzed one by one. The real objective of this research is to

develop a new method for people to avoid the attack of this virus and the way to

prevent other infections. A dissertation has also been published in an international

journal about it.

Scientists are very much attentive to the situation of fungus arising from this

corona virus due to the data of their preliminary research. They have made it clear

that the fungus in the category of asparagilosis is usually caused by fumingatus.

There is a scientific record of this fungus found in humans as well. However, this

virus was caused only by people due to genetic diseases. Generally, this fungus

does not reach humans. Research found that six out of ten such samples were

discovered, which had never been known to affect humans before. Due to its

structure, it has been called a fungus of hybrid.

Research to find out missing keys are on

Now an attempt is being made to link its link with the genome analyzes of dead

patients. Four different types of identities have been outlined so far. All these

patients are from Europe and through analysis of genomes, efforts are on to

identify similarities in their structure. It will be clear from its discovery that how

the corona virus is actually stopping the flow of oxygen to the lungs and bringing

patients closer to death. As these fungi grow inside the lungs, the patient’s ability

to breathe becomes less. For this reason, serious type of patients needs oxygen

and ventilator.

The main role in the formation of this fungus is that of A. Fumingatus. This

foamingatus keeps himself alive even under the most difficult circumstances.

Even it can withstand seventy degrees of temperature and in the event of nothing

it survives only by obtaining confirmation for itself from water. It has all the

qualities that can flourish inside a human body, but it is not a fungus that usually

reaches humans. Yet how this fungus is reaching the lungs of humans will solve a

lot of the misconceptions spread about the corona by itself.

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