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Pathak ji is caught by Another Pathak for making fake video

Benaras: Pathak ji is caught red-handed at the initiative of another Pathak ji, when the anti-

Nepal video was investigated. In fact, in a video that went viral here, a person was seen, whom

some alleged devotees were pressurizing a Nepali person to raise anti-Nepal slogan. In this

order, the person was also being asked to criticize the Prime Minister of Nepal against K. P. Oli.

The controversy arose over the video and the police started investigating the case. Since this

video was uploaded by Arun Pathak, SSP Amit Pathak has targeted Arun Pathak. Police Captain,

Benaras SSP Amit Pathak told this time that this video of shouting slogans from a Nepali citizen

has been uploaded by Arun Pathak. Now police came to know that the person has also received

one thousand rupees for playing his Nepali role in that video.

Pathak ji has uploaded the anti Nepal video

The police were skeptical of the veracity of the video in the initial investigation itself. When the

investigation car went ahead, two people were first questioned. After that four people were

caught in this connection. In the FIR lodged at the local Bhelupur police station, a Nepali-based

person has been identified and named as Arun Pathak. This person also has an association with

Hindu organizations. So far six people have been arrested in this case. Police have detained two

other people on Saturday. Described as Nepali, introduced in the video, he is a local resident

and is Indian in origin. That is, he was persuaded to play the role of a Nepali citizen. The man

has given a statement in front of the police that in the video he was given a thousand rupees for

the role of a Nepali citizen.

His head hair was cut off to make his look as a nepali citizen. Rajesh Rajbhar and Jai Ganesh

Sharma have been arrested for this work. But it has also become clear in the investigation that

the person who is produced by making Nepali, his mental condition is not well and he works in

a local shop. Other members of that person’s family have also been revealed.

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