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WhatsApp gets permission to pursue a case against Pigasus

US court considered illegal work

Spain’s political opponents were on target

Journalist Jamal Khashogi murdered by this

Many people had hacked phones in India too


New Delhi: WhatsApp has got permission to prosecute production company Pigasus of the

Israeli company NSO in the US. The Israeli company appealed to dismiss the lawsuit filed by

WhatsApp in Son Francisco. The court has ruled his case dismissing his appeal. This is a long

pending case. The whole world is eyeing this matter. This is only because the software called

Pigasus, which was developed by the Israeli company NSO, is used mostly by government

agencies in different countries. It is obvious that in the US, after the decision against the

company in this case, all the agencies that bought this expensive software with government

money can be sued for buying it and stealing their information without knowing the people. is.

Most cyber laws of the world protect people’s right to privacy. This matter was caught in

October last year, WhatsApp confirmed this hacking and many had complained that this

software had stolen people’s information through its social media platform. According to the

data so far, the figures of stealing more than 14 hundred people around the world have been

mentioned in this case. Among those who were monitored by government agencies were

journalists, social workers and anti-government politicians.

Whatsapp case will open many more chapters

Now after the court’s verdict, WhatsApp was told that at least it has been proved that the NSO

company was involved in illegal activities through its Pigasus software. More documents have

been collected about this and the company will have to submit documents on its behalf as the

case goes on, so that which government agency has misused it will also be disclosed.

Facebook, which operates WhatsApp, has filed several documents in this regard. On the other

hand, the Israeli company argues that it has not sold its software to any private person. This

software agreement has been done only with governments. But now the argument has been

rejected in the court that this software has been used only to monitor terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, it has already been known that the murder of journalist Jamal Khashogi, who wrote

against the rulers of Saudi Arabia, was also due to this software. The Saudi Arabian government

was already getting information about its activities. So while he was going to the Saudi Arabian

Embassy in Turkey, people were already stationed there to assassinate him.

As the case is going on in the United States, the victims of this illegal espionage have also come

to know in Spain. Here too, only political opponents were targeted through this. This software

has been used in India too, but no explanation has been given by the government about the

agency that purchases and uses it.

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