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Oxford university’s Vaccine Research is moving in the right direction

New Delhi: Oxford university’s corona vaccine research is advancing on the right

path and direction. The whole world is keeping an eyeing on it. Scientists around

the world are getting the every moment of this research being done with the

prescribed procedure and complete transparency. They are looking for

information now in this regard, for the first time it has been reported that they

have received the first step of vaccine correctly. The first round of human trials

underway has been successful. Under this, they got the antibody and T cell in

human body altogether. This T cell can fight corona as it was calculated and the

Antibody is right enough to boost the immunity. Some side effects were also seen

but they are negligible in terms of Corona’s crisis. The successes of the first phase

of this vaccine was reported by Oxford university’s research team.

Oxford University which is producing this vaccine has a name of

CHAD0X1NCOV-19. Of this first phase Clinical trials have been reported to

develop T cells inside patients.

Success has been achieved. Along with this, immunity also developed inside

patients. This method can prevent the spread of resistant corona virus inside the

body. Whereas T cells specifically have the ability to destroy virus affected

cells.One thousand 77 people were included in the first round of this clinical trial.

Different experiments were conducted to test in the right direction.Among them,

those who were given booster doses notable in their resistance increment was


Oxford university’s Research has got more attention

Meanwhile, China again claimed that they succeeded in its vaccine in Wuhan for

the second trial. But due to earlier confusion and mistrust scientists do not want to

rely on claims of China without scientific facts.Actually they are not ready to

accept. China claims that by its company, Cancino. The second trial of this

vaccine prepared in Wuhan has also been correct.But both the vaccine are based

on another virus only. Actually a virus is designed to fight weapons. Causing

common cold and flu After weakening the power of a virus having made

necessary modifications Vaccine doses have been developed. The virus used for

this It is called Adenovirus. First of Oxford University’s Vaccine Trial During the

clinical trial, 543 people were given genuine vaccine while the remaining 534

Patients were given a meningitis vaccine. Only 10 of these 28 people Buster dose

was also given days later. People who are ready to test vaccine Dose was given,

they were regularly examined. Viewed after 14 days, That such volunteers have

developed T cells in the body. Immunological Development was able to take

place in 28 days.

Resistant for 56 days after developing resistance

The report also states that after the resistance develops, it will be on its peak for

the next 56 days. Worked with full power till When ten people were given booster

doses, their Immunity immediately reached the top. Scientists associated with this

research have reported that Fifty percent of the people included in the test were

male and their average The age was forty years old. This test has clarified that

people who Vaccines were given, none of them had any idea which one they

actually Vaccine is given. Only scientists knew which patient Which vaccine is

given. Also common side effects after the vaccine was given during this test

Seen. After being given medication, 70 percent of the people have muscle strain

and pain, There was talk of feeling like cumbersome, headache, chills and fever.

Scientists are not worried about the effects because of the common paracetamol

All the problems were solved. By the way, before some people were given the

dose of vaccine Paracetamol was also given, side effects were seen very less

in them and it can be easily managed.

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