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This fish skin has strange properties of light absorbing

  • Smithsonian Institute scientist’s new discovery

  • Research team was fooled due to this property

  • They lured the fish to food to take picture

  • It absorbs the light of the camera flash too


New Delhi: This fish fooled the scientists for a long time. It took scientists a long

time to see this fish. State-of-the-art instruments were aware of the existence of a

water creature, but scientists were not able to see it properly. After much effort,

when it could be seen, more information was found about it. When further

research was done on this fish, which is very dark. it came to light that the skin of

this fish has a strange quality. That is why it absorbs 99.5 percent of the light.

Due to this unique property this fish was never seen properly. Its a very deep sea, 

may creatures like this fish does not come out of the darkness.

Smithsonian scientists, along with some more researchers, have discovered 16

new species in the sea in this order. More data is now being collected about all

these. Even after collecting all the data, all these species will be analyzed one by

one. Scientists associated with research have made it clear that human eyes

cannot see this fish under normal circumstances only because of the property of

absorbing light. Perhaps this has also been one of the reasons why it has so far

been in the realm of human search it has been successful in staying out. But now

it has been discovered and more research is being done about it.

Scientists who have done research have clarified that the rays of the sun falling

directly in the depth of the sea also reach a maximum depth of twenty meters.

After this depth they begin to lighten, and below two hundred meters, the sun’s

rays are very less and you can not see the sun from that depth.

This fish showed its presence many times but not visible

There is always a dark shadow in the depths. Due to this darkness, so far

complete information about most parts of the sea has not been found. There is a

global project going on. Under which, there is a plan to create a map by mapping

the position inside the sea of the whole world. Karen Osburn, who is associated

with the research team looking for this light-absorbing fish, said that despite

being initially found to be a creature in the darkest darkness, This fish was not

seen with open eyes nor modern equipment explained it. Equipment were only

indicating the presence of any thing moving over there. He told that the biggest

source of light in this depth of the sea is the light shining from the beings’ own

bodies. Due to the ability to absorb this light too, this fish was still able to remain

out of human eyes. When its seen, other data and figures were also documented.

The research team introduced the hunt to lure it due to the fact that the creature

was not caught even after activity in the sea. Due to coming in search of food and

staying there, scientists were able to see it properly with the help of modern

instruments for the first time. Once seen, data on other parts of his body were also

collected and analyzed in a systematic way.

Now all the data are being analyzed

By the way, it has not been clear till now what is the quality in the skin of this

black fish, due to which it absorbs the light. Scientists also installed modern

cameras and flash to take his picture. Each time the fish managed to soak up the

light. However, after finding this fish, other scientists are further working on the

idea of making dark black color again with its help. Dark black color is also of

considerable scientific use in the world. Just last year, scientists of MIT have

succeeded in making the world a darker black. That color is able to absorb 99.96

percent light. With the help of this fish, it may be helpful to make a better black


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