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Lock down has actually reduced the human generated vibration of Earth

  • Data being recorded and analyzed

  • Scientists feel that the pulsing has subsided

  • The burden inside the earth has reduced a lot

  • Never before has such a situation been created


New Delhi: Lock down may have caused a lot of loss to us commercially, but

scientifically, the conditions created by it have given a lot of benefit. Even after

discussing other issues later, it has been found that the kind of human disturbance

caused by the earth has reduced. The vibrations of the earth have reduced and its

direct conclusion is that all the earlier movement was due to human activities.

Due to the ban on humans, as lock down has made this change. It has also given

time for the Earth to handle itself. A report in this regard has been issued last

Thursday. In this report, it has been explained in detail about the decrease in the

movements in the womb of the Earth. Apparently because of Corona, the situation

which was under lock down, the situation had never come before in this world.

The sudden halt of all activities has hurt development and economic, but in the

meantime, the pressure of noise on the earth has also come down and it is being

proved that all these movements were only due to human activities.

Lock down impact figures for the change released

Scientists associated with this research have also made its data public.

Simultaneously, these data have also been analyzed. The conclusion of which is

that due to human activities, the movement that was caused in the womb of the

earth has reduced by about fifty percent from last March to May. The reasons for

this have also been defined by scientists. The reason for the lack of such

movement on the earth is the lack of industrial activities, very little flying of

airplanes, and a significant lack of noise on the roads. At the same time, the

internal noise arising from crowding of people and tourists from the sea or

mountainous areas has also reduced.

The break in the normal routine due to the corona crisis has given an opportunity

to reduce the frequent movements in the womb of the earth. Generally, earthquake

monitoring devices on Earth have also recorded the figures of this decrease in

pulsing. In fact, the effect of humans moving inside the ground also has a

collective effect on the earth’s seismic activities. Scientists have clarified that

there is also an effect of continuously moving one million people. In ordinary

days, this noise used to be very high in metros. At the same time, the pressure of

vehicles on the roads also increased this noise. From above the trains and heavy

vehicles also used to reach inside the earth.

The situation has deteriorated in last few decades

In the last few decades, a huge increase is also being recorded in this lock down.

This is the first time that a decrease of more than fifty percent has been recorded.

The scientists analyzing these figures, as well as analyzing them, have told that

the data of this noise pollution reduction had started being recorded since January.

During this time, the influence of Corona spread rapidly in China. Later this

situation went on to spread to Europe and later to the whole earth. In the months

of March and April, almost the same situation was created in the whole earth. The

figures have been defined by the Royal Observatory of Belgium and its associate

research centers. Scientists believe that according to the available scientific data

about this, this is the quietest time in terms of human impact on the movements in

the womb of the earth. Stephen Hicks, the scientist associated with this research,

has expressed his opinion in this time. He is a research scientist at Earth Science,

Imperial College London.

Because of this change, scientists have also got an opportunity to record the data

of many earthquakes which were earlier buried due to the noise created by human

activities on Earth. In India also, during this period, continuous earthquake figures

can be recorded. Therefore, scientists believe that if the human clamor is less,

then better information can be found about the earthquakes.

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