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Genetic scientists are moving forward on neutralizing poison with poison

  • The process of making proteins at ten times faster

  • Work on the vaccine by copying the corona virus

  • This protein shield has also saved the virus

  • Four out of a hundred samples tested


New Delhi: Genetic scientists are moving with an old proverb of neutralizing

poison with poison impact. There is an old India popular saying about finishing

the impact of poison with poison. It has been most commonly used in the

scientific world for snake venom on its particular surface. That is, snake bite

medicine is also prepared from snake venom. Now genetic scientists have tried

this technique and prepared a copy of the corona virus in the laboratory. This

artificial corona virus is in the process of making vaccine itself. For this, genetic

modification is also being done in this artificial corona virus prepared in the

laboratory. Scientists predict that with this method it will be possible to make a

more effective vaccine against the corona and that its effect will last for a long

time. In fact, scientists associated with this research have modified only one

important protein present in the corona virus. This protein, after entering the

body, causes a fatal effect by joining with the body present in the human body.

The way this protein works is being changed so that it after reaching it could not

leave its fatal effect. Many scientific teams are associated with this research. At

the University of Texas (Austin), that spike protein is now being prepared to fight

the virus. The virus has been made anew in the laboratory itself for the same work

Genetic scientists made copy of Spike protein

It is known that this spike protein is the covering of the virus that protects the

virus from medicines and provides an opportunity for the virus to grow by

forming a relationship with the cells in the human body. Only after the generation

of this virus, the virus comes down from the throat and engulfs the lungs and

intestine. In the laboratory version of the same spike proteins some changes are

being made which can work at ten time faster speed. The speed of this speed will

also speed up the death of the virus and recovery of the infected person. In many

of the ongoing vaccine research around the world, work is on to improve the same

spike protein.

Jason McLain, a senior scientist at the University of Texas associated with this

research, said that the size and dosage of this modified variety of protein can be

reduced or surplus as needed. This is going to be very useful in the direction of

vaccine production. Especially this method will reach the patients at the fastest

speed. This new protein is named Hexapro. Even before this a similar protein was

made in the laboratory but it did not last long. The new Protein version is more

durable. This protein, which can last for a long time, can be easily kept and can be

sent. In preliminary testing by scientists, it has been tested that it can also

withstand heat pressure. It does not let its shape perish even in the cold and

normal temperatures. This situation is the best thing for a long-term vaccine.

Worked on four only after preparing several samples

This research has been told that after identifying this spike protein, scientists had

prepared more than one hundred samples in the laboratory. All the samples had

different variations. This protein was also investigated so that it could have

contact with the human fund. Through all these tests, new versions have been

prepared. In the investigation, 26 out of a hundred such protein variants were

isolated, which were more durable. Of these, only four were selected for further

research. Now the method of preparing proteins ten times faster with the help of

Hexapro is being developed. It has also been reported that it can also be used in

antibody tests as it can give immediate identification of whether it is resistant to

human blood or not.

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