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Plastic waste will be recycled with new technology

  • This waste has become a big threat to the environment

  • Waste has spread from the Hills to depth of sea

  • Affordable cost will be used for every work

  • It is becoming a threat to the whole world


New Delhi: Plastic waste has spread to all parts of the world. From the peaks of

Mount Everest to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it has had an impact on life and

the environment. It has been proved in scientific investigation that even the most

microscopic particles of plastic are endangering human life. Even then, due to the

frequent use of plastic, its stacks are increasing. In fact, in the Chemical process

under which it was created, it was envisaged to last for a long time. Now this idea

of lasting for a long time and not being destroyed has become a greater threat to

the world than Corona. There is a campaign to reduce this waste in every part of

the world, but more than we are able to clean, more is also being gathered


The inexpensive technique of executing this plastic waste can now liberate us

from it. Scientists have been successful in developing such technology after much

research. In fact, considering the challenges that the environment of the Earth is

getting from this plastic, separate waste boxes have been installed in every area

for the plastic to be recycled. Even then, due to the non-execution of this waste,

such plastics are seen scattered in every tourist place and farm barns. Since it is

not destroyed, for a long time they are also harming the environment of the earth

in every way. The concern of scientists was increased due to the speed of its


Plastic waste is now biggest challenge for the world

Now with the new technology, it will be possible to execute every kind of plastic.

This new technology of scientists is based on the principle of the ability of the

plastic to last for a long time. Therefore, plastic waste can be recycled at a very

cheap rate and converted into new and needed goods. Already, plastic is being

used in many places of the world to make sustainable roads. This is making the

life of roads much longer and stronger. But this time scientists have developed

this technique at a cheaper rate so that it can really work for the people.

According to current statistics, only about twenty percent of the world’s plastic is

recycled. The remaining part is constantly harming the Earth’s environment. Now

all this waste can be made reusable.

The technique that has been developed is abbreviated as ROGP method. Under

this, eighty types of garbage can be changed and molded into a new form. This

will not only be converted into roads and strong structures, but also into

household goods. This waste, made reusable by this method, will also be able to

make household items that are usually made of wood. This will also cut down

trees. Due to the technology being very cheap, their prices will also come down.

But the biggest thing is that every year, millions of tonnes of waste are being

collected, it can be made useful again at a very low cost.

Will recycle all kinds of plastic material

In the scientific definition, this garbage has been considered as seven different

types. This new technology will be able to recycle all seven types of plastic and

will also cost a lot less. It can also be used as an alternative to glass, which is

always prone to breakage and has to be very careful in carrying it. Recycled waste

can be multi functional. They can be used in extensive work such as building

construction. Due to the low price, scientists are speculating about the success of

this technology and its important role in environmental protection in the future.

Many natural commodities will also become this option, of which wood and clay

are the most important. By reducing the consumption of these two, the

environment will also be given a second benefit.

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