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The Government should now answer the outcome of CBI enquiry

  • Who is being saved in the Srijan scam

  • No result of CBI investigation in three years

  • Why silence at every level on such a big scandal

  • Now both the Governments should answer this now

Deepak Naurangi

Bhagalpur: The government should now answer that the CBI probe into the

Srijan scam is finally being done to protect whom. This question has been raised

by Bhagalpur MLA Ajit Sharma. He said that the time has come to ask both the

central and state government regarding this failure. They must come out with the

result of three years of CBI Enquiry of this big scam.

See The video what MLA Ajit Sharma said

Speaking to the press, Mr. Sharma targeted the Center and the state on the issue.

He said that the events only show that the recommendation of CBI investigation

is just a conspiracy to hang the investigation and save the culprits. The MLA has

created a difficult situation for the CBI by raising the question as to why the

online FIR for the investigation of this case has not been registered yet. CBI also

registers online FIRs in normal cases. Then what is so late in the name of


Mr. Sharma said that thousands of crores of rupees had disappeared from the

Government Treasury. During the investigation of the police, it was found that

these funds were sent to the account of the institution of Treasury. From whom, to

whom did this money go, and where is the amount of the scam, this is what the

CBI had to investigate. But in the last three years, the CBI investigation has been

dull even with the investigation of Bihar Police i.e. Bhagalpur Police. This makes

it clear that the CBI has received instructions from above to hang the case.

Therefore, the Center and the state government should answer that whom should

both the government want to save.

The Government must explain the reason of delay

In response to a question, he said that many issues have come up in public

discussion but it would be wrong to accuse any leader or person of involvement in

this scam without formal confirmation of CBI. But this much is clear that when

the district police started investigating, people from related Banks to the District

administration office were arrested. Soon after the investigation was handed over

to the CBI, the entire investigation has become sluggish. Mr. Sharma said on this

issue that the entire city has seen how one of the accused in the same case got

away from selling his entire property. The relationship between the leader and the

officer with him is also well known. Hence the big question is who has the money

for the scam and why is the CBI delaying in recovering that money. He said that

except for the names of the officers who were discussed, the CBI has not been

able to find CBI, the son and daughter-in-law of Amit and Priya, the late

Manorama Devi, who have been made the main accused in this case. The big

question remains unanswered till now.

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