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Diamond rain is taking place at planet Uranus and Neptune

  • Scientists have also investigated this in the laboratory

  • There has been less research on both planets till now

  • Only Voyager 2 space craft have passed through

  • The surface is covered with thick snow cover


New Delhi:  Diamond rain is itself a very good feeling to dream. Such a dream is

also a very pleasant dream for the common man. But now scientists are saying

that Uranus and Neptune are exactly the same on the planet Uranus and Neptune.

After studying the situation there, the scientists created all the conditions in the

laboratory to check the thinking of the diamond rain. In testing this theory has

been proved correct and diamond particles have also been formed in the

laboratory. Therefore, scientists are now assuming that diamonds are raining on

these two planets that are missing from the eyes of common science. It also

means that diamonds are lying on the surface of both these planets and this rain is

formed due to the conditions of the atmosphere there. So far, very little research

has been done in astronomy on these two planets. According to the data so far,

only the Voyager 2 spacecraft has passed close to these two. The conditions there

have been continuously monitored with the Astronomy telescope. There is only

snow on the surface there. According to a research article published in the

international science journal Nature, the position of both these planets is perfectly

compatible with diamonds.

Diamond rain conditions tested by Scientists in Lab

Scientists believe that hydrogen and helium are present in their atmosphere. At

the center of them is a hard stone shaped like the earth. For this reason, there is an

atmosphere which is born in the diamond atmosphere. It is because of this

thinking that the Center of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and the

National Accelerator Laboratory (LCLS) have researched it. Because of creating

all the conditions there, the atmosphere became capable of converting carbon

directly into diamond particles. The scientist associated with this research, Dr.

Dominic Crouse, said that high pressure was also created in the laboratory for

this. According to the understanding of the common man, he told that the force of

about two hundred African elephants was imposed on an area like Nail. The

temperature there was also nine thousand degrees. The conditions that led to it

were worthy of producing diamonds. During the experiment, very fine particles of

diamond were made.

The condition of the outer atmosphere of the planets makes it

After this experiment, it was understood that an atmosphere like the rain of

diamonds exists on both these planets. Hydrogen and carbon there are producing

diamond due to these conditions. The diamonds produced in the atmosphere will

certainly be larger than the fine particles prepared in the laboratory. Some people

believe that similar to the way hail storms occur on the earth, the pieces of

diamonds of large size on both these planets will be raining in the rain. It is

believed that all these particles, falling on the surface at a speed of about 62

hundred miles per hour, are drowning inside. Due to this, the surface inside the

planets is becoming more rigid. A thick sheet of snow is lying on them because of

the atmosphere there. Diamond particles also get protected by sinking under this

ice sheet.

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