Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
Indian Army again defeated China's PLA
  • Indian Army maintains peaks at six places

  • Indian Army exerts full force to gain territory

  • China’s military’s character of deception again surfaced

  • Sukhoi of Indian Air Force was also posted here

Bhupen Goswami

Tezpur: Our Army has once again shown its might and might. other side The

fraudulent attitude  of the Chinese military has come to the fore again. When

China Galvan and Pangong I lost, Xi Jinping’s force trying to create a deadlock on

the new front Has been Polls of China’s new conspiracy have been revealed on the

border of Arunachal Pradesh. China Troops in 6 areas along the Line of Actual

Control (LAC) near Arunachal Pradesh Deployment was increased. But Indian

Forces on 6 disputed areas along the Arunachal border Is captured. Indians on

China border in 6 disputed areas along Arunachal border Indians has achieved

great success in the last 20 days. Indian Army last 20 days 6 disputed on the

border of China, with the intentions of the People’s Liberation Army. At

Localities’ and ‘4 sensitive areas’. Chinese Army on Indian Army. They wanted to

capture these disputed territories in order to dominate.

Our Army has given information about this

Official sources of Our Army said this evening in Tezpur that in Ladakh Amidst

stiff challenge from India, China has stepped up the Arunachal border is. In

response, Our Army is also ready and the 1962 war time adjacent to China ‘6

There has been increased vigilance in disputed areas’ and ‘4 sensitive areas’.

Defense source said, The names of these four disputed areas are Asapila, Longju,

Bisa and Majha and these are upper Located in Subansiri district. Here China has

also built a road near LAC. He further added, ‘China asserts its authority over the

entire Asapila sector and So there is a lot of controversy about this. In May, the

Chinese Army used a 21-year-old youth from Asapila sector was kidnapped.

China has always tried to control this area

However, 19 days later, he handed him over to the Indian Army had

given. Chinese army hiked on Arunachal border, India also ready ‘second’ On the

other hand, China is also troubled by India’s growing strength and increasing

influence abroad. China Across the line of actual control in our area where your

military strength Is increasing By the way, India has also built an impenetrable

wall against China. Which China cannot break at any cost. The impregnable wall

of India on the mountain peaks In this connection, Sukhoi 30 has been landed in

Passi Ghat in Arunachal Pradesh for the first time. Passi Ghat is just 80 km from

the China border. This means that India Government is not compromising with

Pakistan or China border security at any cost. India reduced Sukhoi in Andaman

and Nicobar to reduce China’s strength – 30 Intelligence drones in the Northeast in

addition to deployment of additional fleet of MKI fighter jets And have deployed

missiles. Also along with the tank regiments in East Ladakh The number of

soldiers has also been  increased. This advance airfield year 1962 Indo-China war

Used to transport troops and logistics during But later it Closed. The army officer

said that most of the air fields of Our army in the region including Pasighat The

grounds are dilapidated and grass is growing on them.


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