Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Murder recorded in CCTV at New Madhukam area of Ranchi
  • Two youths were arrested for this killing

  • Complaints of addicts and eve teasers

Ranchi: Murder of a small businessman was recorded at New Madhukam area.

This man Manoj Soni was coming back from his shop from Chandni Chowk of

Kanke area. He has a small jewellery shop there. During the incident around ten

in the night, two youths attempted to rob him. Both of them came in a scooter.

One of them attacked Mr Soni just to snatch his bag. Despite all this, he did not

leave his bag.

Whole incident was recorded in video


This 45 year old man tried hard to save his bag for the criminal attacking him.

After the scuffle, the attackers hit with brick and stone. Perhaps this attack made

serious injury and he died on the spot. After this incident, gold and silver business

man of the area closed their shops and demanded action. Meanwhile, news has

been received that the police also arrested two youths in connection with this

incident, have done it. According to the information received, CCTV installed

outside the house of Mr Anil Gupta recorded this. Police arrested the youth on the

basis of the same. Kotwali DSP said Sohan Kujur and Amit Verma have been

arrested for this. Local people complained that eve teasing and addicts are

creating a lot of problem for local men and women. Every evening people can be

seen consuming alcohol and other intoxication. It has become common to do with

shopkeepers and with residents of the locality. This way Retail Shopkeepers

Association Kumhar Toli Irgu Road Ranchi strongly opposed to the events. The

president of the association, Mr. Neeraj Prajapati, has demanded to pay special

attention in this area.

Murder has raised many questions

Few days earlier a local social worker Mr Jagdish Verma was also attacked while

he was sitting in his house by anti-social elements.  Meanwhile, Anil Gupta, on

behalf of New Madhukam Club, also took the incident expressing condolences to

the family and appealed to people to be patient. He said that such incidents only

indicate that the people around them The activities should be constantly

monitored and especially the youth around them Should also be monitored.


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