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Covid 19 virus is actually man made and laboratory created
  • This scientist came to America in April

  • The scientist who opened the secret ran away
  • The Chinese government knew everything before

  • The World Health Organization under serious charge

Ranchi:  Covid 19 Virus is actually man made and it has been created in

laboratory. This issue is again coming under hot debate among scientists. World

health organization is also facing change for hiding the facts when they knew

everything about this.

After the outbreak of Covid 19 virus in China, it is alleged that the World Health

Organization had remained silent even after knowing that the virus had spread.

This silence gave the virus more time to spread around the world. The allegation

has been reiterated that it is not a natural virus in fact, but it has been prepared by

scientists in a laboratory in Wuhan. This is alleged by a Chinese scientist and he

is running away from China these days and is in oblivion. In the case of Covid 19

virus, this charge is not being dismissed as before because there are also

indications from all over the world that this deadly virus is changing its form.

Initially this process was quite slow, but now the change in the internal pattern of

the virus has been confirmed, especially in Americans. It has been reported

publicly that the virus was actually spread from a market of sea food in Wuhan.

But Chinese scientist who have fled to America reject this argument. According

to him it was prepared in the laboratory. Whose information was already known

to the World Health Organization, but this organization remained silent for some

particular reason. As a result, the virus spread to other countries of the world.

Now the whole world is suffering its all round loss.

Covid 19 Virus spread from sea food market is lie

However, apart from the claims of this Chinese scientist, many countries of the

world do not accept the claim of China’s sea food market and they are

investigating the origin of the virus at their own level. There is scope for doubt

because even after nine months, other scientists have not been able to know much

about this virus of China. Scientific evidence has not been given, especially in

relation to what was claimed by China.

Chinese woman scientist Dr. Li Meng Yan is a serious accuser of silence on the

World Health Organization. She somehow escaped from China (Hongkong) in

last April. She made this allegation for the first time in an interview given to a TV

channel. But where he is currently hidden is not known. He said these things in an

interview with WEON TV. She is not the only scientist to make such an

allegation. Earlier too many other scientists had expressed their opinion that this

Covid 19 virus is not actually natural but it has been prepared in the laboratory.

Research on bats virus has been going on in the laboratory of Wuhan for the last

seven years under the supervision of a scientist known as Bat Woman of China. In

his TV interview, Meng has said that the Chinese government was aware of this

threat long back. But after the outbreak and after the Chinese government has

been very secrecy in this matter.

What really happened is guarded by China

Even now what really happened in Wuhan is covered. This Chinese scientist

alleges that the World Health Organization had also been aware of the spread of

the virus, but this organization did not even make any effort to alert the world on

its behalf. Remember that US President Donald Trump has also severely accused

the World Health Organization of working in China’s favor. The scientist who has

run away from this China says that there is a strong effort in China to suppress

this thing, but the sad situation is that the World Health Organization has also

been a participant in this conspiracy. Remember that 34-year-old Li Wenliang,

another doctor from China, has also been reported to have died from Covid 19.

But before he died, he had warned the world about this. Now whether his death is

really from Covid 19 or he has been killed, a new debate has started. Amidst all

these debates, doubts are being raised over the role of the WHO.


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