Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
Excess use of sanitizer is very harmful for our skin
  • Chemicals also kill good bacteria over there

  • Dryness and cracks will cause skin problems

  • Humans can themselves improve their condition

Ranchi: Excess use of sanitizer is not good for our skin. In Present days one way

to prevent infection is to keep the hands free from infection. For this, it is

advisable to use a sanitizer in advance. Anyway, before the crisis of corona,

sanitizer has been used to keep hands clean and bacteria free. Now during the

Corona crisis some people are facing new problems, due to which scientists have

warned against excessive use of this sanitizer. It has been reported that the

alcohol-containing sanitizer eliminates the virus and eliminates the bacteria

present there. When the good bacteria present in the hands are eliminated due to

this sanitizer, then many types of disorders also appear on the hands. Presently, it

is instructed to go to any new place for protection against the corona virus and to

install a sanitizer for protection in order to touch an unknown object. This is the

right way to prevent infection, but the disadvantages of overuse of this sanitizer

are also coming. Scientists have found that many of the people coming to the

hospital due to their hand problems have suffered from dermatitis in the hand. In

its investigation, it has been found that they have got this problem due to applying

too much sanitizer to avoid infection.

Excess use damages the upper layer of skin

Experts have made it clear that the sanitizer does not have the ability to identify

good and bad. It eliminates any microorganisms present on the surface due to its

chemical properties. In this sequence, when good bacteria die more, then a new

type of problem starts appearing in the hands. Therefore, especially those people

who are feeling dryness on their skin, have been instructed to retain the moisture

of their hands or entire body. Especially if your hand leather is more dry then you

should take special care to use the sanitizer as well as to keep the moisture of the

hand leather. In order to prevent corona infection, it has been found that those

applying too much sanitizer are having problems with burning sensation in hands

and too much dryness. In some cases skin stains have emerged and in some cases

blood leakage has been seen due to rupture of the foreskin.

All must pay attention towards Skin regularly

For this reason, experts are now advising to use sanitizer carefully. They are also

stating that the condition of the leather needs to be monitored by the person

himself. Whenever the person feels that his skin is too dry, he should take extra

measures to retain moisture. With this, it is possible to improve the situation

before the trouble increases. In the same sequence, it has also been told that every

human’s skin has different qualities. Therefore, using the same sanitizer as the

same can lead to different results. Actually, the chemicals present in it also absorb

the moisture of the leather. To avoid this, moisturizer or other moisturized creams

should be used to moisturize the dry skin. In the present situation, since the use of

sanitizer is very important, every person should maintain the moisture of his

hands and body, this should be taken care of himself. Some people have got this

problem due to the habit of applying sanitizer frequently. Experts have suggested

that if a person is seeing such an effect on his skin, then he can take measures to

return moisture even at night while sleeping. If there is a crack in the skin due to

this reason, it can also be treated at home. Experts have said that the person

himself can understand the condition of the skin of his hand very well. If

sufficient moisture is present in the skin, the use of sanitizer will not cause any

other problems.

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