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Rape convict will get death penalty at Bangladesh

Agartala: Rape convict will may get death penalty at Bangladesh. The Cabinet

on Monday gave final approval to the draft of the Prevention of Violence against

Women and Children (Amendment) Ordinance-2000 with the provision of death

penalty as the maximum punishment for rape. The President of Bangladesh will

issue an ordinance in this regard on Tuesday, said Law Minister Anisul Haque.

See the protest Video against this crime in Bangladesh

A virtual cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday

approved the draft law in the form of an ordinance amending the law. In one case

after another of sexual harassment, rape was punishable by death during protests

in Bangladesh. Law Minister Anisul Haque said the amended law had been

approved at a cabinet meeting. According to the amended law, the maximum

punishment is death penalty and life imprisonment. It is to be mentioned that

protests have been going on all over the country for the last few weeks against the

recent incidents of sexual harassment in different parts of Bangladesh including

torture in Noakhali, rape in MC College, Sylhet. Various organizations have

demanded that the law be amended to increase the level of punishment for rape

and provide for the death penalty as soon as possible. According to Bangladesh’s

Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act, the maximum penalty for rape is life

imprisonment. And in case of death of the raped woman or child or in case of

gang rape, the maximum punishment is death penalty. Besides, there is provision

of fine in both the cases.

Rape convict may get Fine with punishment

In the case of this law, the time limit for investigation report in the Women and

Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal is seven days to one month and one hundred

and eighty days (six months) for disposal of the case, but in reality it is not

possible to give a verdict within that time. Moreover, one incident of rape and

abuse of women and children has shaken the country in recent days, but there are

few examples of exemplary justice and punishment for these incidents. Most of

the rape cases were overshadowed by the length of the trial. Moreover, it becomes

difficult to get justice due to various reasons including lack of proper medical

examination, social inertia, and intervention of influential people.



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