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Law against Rape implemented just after two days

  • People came on the streets against this crime

  • Court gave its judgment in open session today

  • Three criminals of this case are still absconding

Aminul Haque

Dhaka: Law against rape was announced to be implemented in the country just

two days ago. Actually, there was a vigorous movement all over the country on

this issue.

Nation wide protests raised concern about it

For this reason, the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina passed a law

to sentence the perpetrator of rape to death. Within two days of the passing of this

law, five convicts involved in one such rape case have been sentenced to death by

executing this sentence. Bangladesh President Advocate Abdul Hameed signed

the law just two days ago.

First judgment of this act in the case in which five people have been sentenced to

death for the first time is an incident in Bhumpur of the country’s Tangail. Five

people there had raped a student studying in a madrasa. On Thursday, the date of

conviction in the case was set. The whole country was focused on this matter.

Hakim Khalida Yasmin, the judge of the authority set up for the torture of women

and children, used this law for the first time in this judgment and sentenced

everyone to death. However, in the case in which this sentence has been

pronounced, only two accused was caught. The remaining three accused in the

case are still absconding. Apart from this, in many areas of the country, the public

had come on the road after complaining of this type of crimes. Due to large

protests everywhere, the government has to decide on this in a hurry. The

President has issued this ordinance on the recommendation of the Council of

Ministers due to the postponement of the Parliament session due to Corona.

Law was implemented and judgment in open court

Those sentenced to death include Sanjit, 28, son of Badan Chandra Mani Rishi of

Charaljani village in Madhupur, Gopi Chandra Sheel, 30-year-old son of Digen

Chandra Sheel of Golbadi, Sagar Chandra Sheel, 33-year-old son of Sunil

Chandra Sheel, Sunil Mani Rishi’s 28-year-old son Sujan Mani Rishi and

Manindra Chandra’s 26-year-old son Rajan Chandra. Among them, Sagar, Sujan

and Mani have escaped after being released on bail. Public Prosecutor Nachhimul

Akhtar told the court that the Madrasa student was introduced to these criminals

by mobile friendship. Taking advantage of this identity, on 15 January the same

year, the girl was lured into an auto and taken to Allenga. After staying at Rajan’s

house there, four friends together asked him to marry their friend. She was raped

by everyone on the night because she refused to marry him. The same story was

repeated on the bank of river Banshai in Madhupur on 17 January. But all the

criminals escaped leaving her in the same state. The girl was brought home after

information reached the family members with the help of locals. After this, an

FIR was registered in this case. Sujan Mani was arrested by the police had also

confessed to the crime of himself and his friends in the court. On this basis, the

five have been sentenced to death.


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