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Madarsas will no longer get government money in Assam

  • 614 madarsas will be closed but Sanskrit school will remain operational

  • Religious studies are not government duty: Sarma

  • All madarsas will also become normal schools

Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Madarsas in assam state will not ;longer get government money. The

BJP-ruled government in Assam has taken a major decision regarding madarsas.

The government has decided to discontinue religious education with government

money. Assam government says that there will no longer be wasteful of public

money. The Assam government has said that there is no provision of religious

education with public money. This order was also applicable to Sanskrit schools

in Assam, but today a government official said that Sanskrit school does not

impart religious education, hence Sanskrit school will not be closed. The teacher

is studying all subjects including Sanskrit.

The Sanskrit language, known as Dev Bhasha, must be promoted, officials said.

The Assam government said that we have decided to convert all madarsas schools

into high schools and higher secondary schools. On the decision to close the

madarsas, the education minister said that there is no provision to use public

money to give religious education, so now they will be closed. Himant Vishwa

Sharma said, ‘It is not the government’s job to teach religion, religious scripture,

Arabic or any other language for religious purposes in any madrasa school. If an

NGO or social organization arranges funds for these schools, I have no objection

to this. He said that but these NGOs can also be given the right to run such

schools according to a rule. He said that if funds are given by the state

government to teach the Quran in madarsas, then we have to teach Gita, Bible as

well. Therefore, they are being shut down.

Madarsas decision announced by Hemant vishwa sharma

Hemanta Biswa Sharma, a minister in the Assam government, has announced that

all government madarsas in the state will be closed. He has said that there is no

provision for giving religious education through public money. Therefore

government madarsas will no longer be operated. Explain that about 614

madarsas and 100 Sanskrit schools are being run in Assam with government help.

Meanwhile, on this statement of the Assam government, AIUDF chief and Lok

Sabha MP Maulana Badruddin Ajmal said that if the BJP-led government of the

state of Assam shut down government madarsas, the AIUDF and Congress

coalition would rebuild their government. . Let us know that assembly elections

will be held next year. The opposition is ready to make it an election issue.


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