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O Blood group has less corona virus impact ?
  • New research that blood also affects the virus differently

  • This difference was seen in patients even during cholera

  • Relation of blood classification to corona infection

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Ranchi: O Blood group is more resistance to Covid 19. Are corona effects on the

this blood group decreasing. This is a completely new discovery and further

research is going on. As such, we all know the classification of blood. It is

another major subject of medical science. For the first time, some scientists have

noticed that the group of blood also has different effects on the corona. According

to the preliminary findings that scientists are talking about, the effect of corona

has been found to be particularly low on people with O blood group. But after this

figure is revealed, more intensive research work has been done about every blood

group. The strange situation is that this one initial conclusion has raised many

more questions, which scientists do not currently have a solution for and they are

searching for it.

A dissertation has been published in this regard in the journal of the American

Society of Hematology. In it, Danish scientists analyzed the blood of about five

million people. All these people were corona examined. Most of the people whose

samples were included in these figures from the month of last February to July,

the investigation report was negative. Of these blood samples, 7422 people were

found to be corona positive. On this basis, the train of inquiry was moved

forward. Researchers found that there was indeed a big difference in the blood

type as well.

O Blood Group result was recently revealed

On this basis, they have concluded that corona had relatively little effect on

people with O group blood. This result was supported because he lived during the

Corona transition, in the same condition as the people of other blood groups who

came under scrutiny. But scientists have made it clear that it is not that people of

this O blood group did not have corona. Corona was also found among the people

of this blood group, but their numbers were comparatively small. Dr. Ray

Silverstein, president of the Department of Medicine of Wisconsin Medical

College, said that the study indicated that people with O blood group may be at a

lower risk of corona infection. But it is clear that this blood group does not mean

that this blood group will not have corona. His words have also been taken

seriously because he has been the former president of the American Society of

Hematology. Also, he was not involved with this research. That is, his statement

has been considered more important as a neutral expert. In this sequence, Dr.

Silverstein has also advised the doctors to treat all patients equally with corona.

Meanwhile, another report has been published on Wednesday.

Vancouver, Canada Has done similar research

Researchers in Vancouver, Canada, analyzed 95 corona patients from February to

April. All of these people were prone to serious infections and all had to be

admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. This difference of blood group

has also been found there. According to this, patients of the group of A or AB

blood had required the need for mechanical ventilation for a long time. On the

other hand, people of O or B blood group got relief in a short time. Now other

scientists of the world have started focusing on the effect of corona infection on

different blood groups. But it is clear in the figures so far that there is no such

blood group that can keep itself completely free from corona infection. However,

experts believe that even after this initial conclusion, people of all blood groups

should adopt the same methods of protection to avoid infection, including

wearing masks and keeping distance from each other.

The effect of blood classification of a particular disease has also been seen earlier.

Such as the effect of cholera, O blood group already has a record of gaining more

on people. In this disease, increasing the effect of a bacteria in the small intestine

makes people sick. By the way, the effect of corona on the classification of blood

groups still needs to be further researched, all experts agree.


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